(PART 418)


At his last press conference, Ruby was probably saner than he'd ever been
in his life.

He [had] been in jail three or four years by then; his morale was soaring
because his murder conviction had just been overturned on appeal; he was
clean, shaved, in a new suit; and, most importantly, in the spotlight
again, which meant he was a force to be reckoned with again.

He picked his words as skillfully as anyone has ever picked their words
before. In fact, so careful was he that he paused to ask the news
reporter the correct pronouncation of his name before answering his

After this, he delivered what was clearly a veiled threat to "the people
who put me in this position."

His message was crystal clear. The only question -- the names of the
people it was meant.

Babbling? Definitely not. Without question he was letting his people
know their time was up. He had done his part of the deal, now it was
time for them to do theirs ... or else.

But, here again, David, Bud, et. al., you can't have it both ways. You
can't use his words when they fit your agenda, then discard them when
they don't.

That's not how being unbiased works.


Jack Ruby's ACTIONS on 11/24/63 positively show NO PREMEDITATION.

Other things to consider with respect to Ruby and the murder of Lee
Harvey Oswald.....

What if another customer or two had been in line at Western Union?

Or -- What if Jack had left his apartment just TWO MINUTES later on
November 24th?

Either of the above occurrences would very likely have meant that Ruby
would have missed having the chance to kill Oswald.

Do conspiracy advocates really think the "timing" and the "Western
Union money order" were things that were part of a "ruse" of some
kind....designed to merely throw people off of the "pre-planned
conspiracy" track in the years to come?


What about Karen Carlin (the stripper/dancer who called Jack on the
morning of the 24th and asked for the $25 money order)?*

* = The money needed to be wired to Carlin, btw, because Ruby had
decided to close both of his nightclubs for two or more days in
deference to the assassinated President -- which was a decision Jack
made within hours of JFK's death on Friday.

Now, when examining Carlin's Warren Commission testimony, we can see
that Karen called Ruby on Saturday for a $5 advance, with Jack then
telling Carlin to call him on Sunday for any additional money she
required (which Carlin needed to pay her rent).

But Jack never told Carlin exactly WHAT TIME on Sunday to call him.
Nor did he confirm on Saturday exactly how much cash to wire her. He
didn't say to her, "call me before 10:00", for example. Nor did he ask
her on Saturday, "how much money do you need?"

So, for all Jack knew on Saturday night, Carlin might be calling him
at 12:00 noon or 2:00 PM on Sunday with the details about her additional
loan that she needed. If the call had occurred at either of those times
on Sunday, obviously Oswald would not have been shot, because Jack's
trip to Western Union would have occurred after Oswald had been
transferred to the County Jail.

Also, if Carlin hadn't called Ruby on Sunday morning AT ALL (which was
certainly possible for all Jack knew on SATURDAY), the "coincidence
chain" leading to Oswald's death would never have been started in the
first place.

Because if Carlin hadn't called Ruby to ask for that $25 money order,
then Jack would certainly not have had any reason to visit the Western
Union office in downtown Dallas, which was just a block from the City
Jail (where a crowd had formed, which attracted Jack's attention, even
though Ruby thought that Oswald had ALREADY BEEN MOVED by that time).

Now, it's true that Ruby did tell Carlin (on Sunday morning) that he
had intended to go "downtown" sometime on Sunday anyway. But without
Carlin's plea for a money order (necessitating Jack's trip to the Western Union
office), Ruby would almost certainly not have been exactly where he was
in the downtown area at 11:17 AM on Sunday, November 24th.

Do conspiracy theorists think that Karen Carlin was part of some kind of "plot"
or "ruse" too?


What if Jack had decided to send Carlin the money order from a different
Western Union office? (Surely there was more than just one such office
in the whole of Dallas, Texas....right? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing there
was probably more than just the one W.U. office in that large U.S. city.)

Or: What if Jack had decided to just loan Karen $25 out of his own
pocket, which could have also occurred. That scenario would have meant
no Western Union visit needed at all.


If Jack hadn't made the decision to close his nightclubs for a few days
that weekend (a decision he made, as I mentioned, two days before he
killed Oswald), then Karen Carlin would not have had a reason to have
cash "money ordered" to her (she could have picked it up at one of the
nightclubs instead, had they been open).

The "happenstance" and "mere coincidence" trail is significant here.
It's either "happenstance", or the most remarkable hunk of
"conspiratorial coordination" I've ever encountered (including little
"Sheba" being left in the car to make things look "spontaneous" in

This "coordination", if it was a pre-arranged plan, would have to go
all the way down to Karen Carlin's penniless state on Nov. 23 and 24,
which is CRITICAL to having Ruby being in the right place at the right
time at 11:21 AM on Sunday, the 24th.

Another interesting hunk of insight into Jack Ruby's bereaved state of
mind during that November '63 weekend can be found in the following
portion of Karen Carlin's Warren Commission testimony.....

KAREN CARLIN -- "I reached him [Ruby] at home [on Saturday night,
11/23]. He answered the telephone. And I asked Jack if we were going
to be open, and he got very angry and was very short with me. He said,
"Don't you have any respect for the President? Don't you know the
President is dead?" And I said, "Jack, I am sorry. Andrew said that
perhaps we would be open, and I don't have any money, and you know I
am supposed to get paid." And I wanted some money on my pay to get
back home. And he said, "I don't know when I will open. I don't know
if I will ever open back up." And he was very hateful. And he said he
had to come down to the club in about an hour, and for me to wait and
he would see me then. And I hung up and told my husband what had
happened; and we waited and waited, and he didn't show up."

David Von Pein
March 24, 2007