(PART 399)

A conspiracy theorist named Charles Drago (a veteran participant at various JFK Internet forums) said something really, really funny on The Education Forum on December 15, 2008, concerning the so-called "feud" between two assassination researchers, Gus Russo and Max Holland, both of whom reside in the "Oswald Fired The Only Shots At JFK" camp.

Drago's remarks were prompted by this article authored by Russo. Here's what Drago said (which illustrates, yet again, how CTers see conspiracies virtually everywhere they look):

"A Holland/Russo "feud" is designed to prompt observers to choose between
liars and thus implicitly endorse one of their assassination-related lies. This is
an example of perception control: Limit possibilities, and the truth is eliminated from consideration. This charade also serves to bolster Russo and his fabrications by allowing him to castigate a WC defender. Sophisticated stuff."

-- Charles Drago; 12/15/08


So, according to Mr. Drago, we have Gus Russo and Max Holland engaging in a fake "feud" of some kind (i.e., a "charade", as Drago puts it), as part of some "sophisticated", planned-in-advance scheme/plot that is "designed" to place the observers of this feud in a position where they are forced to choose which of the two "liars" to put their faith in.

Tell us Mr. Drago --- Is there anything in the world that you CT-Kooks won't label with the word "conspiracy"? Anything at all?

When looking at the next item on the "conspiracy tote board" below, I fear the answer to my last inquiry is "No".

Just to show that not ALL of the severely retarded conspiracy-happy loons reside at the acj and aaj forums (or at John Simkin's CTer-infested website), I offer up the following stupid comment posted by a super-kook named "Wendi" at the IMDb.com "JFK (1991)" forum, regarding the recent incident in Iraq where a journalist hurled two shoes at President Bush, barely missing the President with each toss:

"Of course he [Bush] handled it well, because it was staged for public consumption. Meant to be a diversion from something big happening."
-- "wendi14501"; 12/15/08


Do these kooks consume paranoia pills every day for breakfast (and dinner)?

BTW, in my opinion, George Bush handled the shoe-throwing incident very well. And he showed some pretty darn fast reflexes too, in avoiding that first piece of footwear that was flung his way.

The Iraqi shoe-thrower threw that shoe quite hard too. It looked to me as if the first shoe would have hit Bush squarely between the eyes if he hadn't quickly ducked out of its path. And I don't imagine that would have felt too good if it had hit him directly in the face either, considering the speed at which the "Size 10" shoe was travelling. [See the shoe-tossing incident in the video below.]



David Von Pein
December 16, 2008