(PART 407)


I'd wager the case [against Lee Oswald for shooting at General Edwin Walker] would have never got to court because there is no SUBSTANCE on which to prove INTENT.


Yeah, right. A rifle bullet goes whizzing past the head of a controversial political figure in Dallas (just barely missing Gen. Walker), and Walt thinks there was no "intent to kill" whatsoever on the part of the person who fired that rifle bullet into Walker's house.


Ya gotta love these CT retards. Nobody's better at turning logic and Occam on their heads.

Also: I wonder why Oswald was sweaty and nervous when he arrived back home on 4/10/63? Per Walt The Kook, Oswald should have been FLAUNTING himself to the cops after shooting at Walker. Per Walt, Oswald WANTED to get caught for shooting at Walker.

So, what does Lee Oswald do after his "staged attempt" on Walker? He hides ("buries") the rifle, clams up about the incident (except to Marina), and does nothing at all to further along his plan to (per a kook named Walt) "gain access to Cuba as a fugitive seeking political assylum [sic] in Cuba", even though (per a kook named Walt) Oswald "kept that record so that after the staged attempt the police would find it and use it as proof that he had planned to kill General Walker".

Why didn't Oswald just confess, Walt?

How the hell are the police going to find the papers written by Oswald about the Walker shooting if Lee or Marina don't give them the papers? Did Lee think the cops were going to focus in on him via mental telepathy or something?

As can be seen, folks, Walt's just making up stories that make him happy.

It's also interesting to hear Walt call Oswald's "staged attempt" on General Walker "just a poorly planned publicity stunt". And yet it was so "poorly planned" that ONLY a kook named Walt has been able to figure out the truth about it.

Nobody else on this planet (that I know of) has ever thought of the Walker shooting as "just a poorly planned publicity stunt" -- until Walter Cakebread, Super Detective.

Ya gotta love kooks.

David Von Pein
December 27, 2008