(PART 414)

All conspiracy theorists who reject the Single-Bullet Theory should take a good, long, hard look at CE903. And those CTers should KEEP staring at it until its SBT significance sinks in....because CE903 is an excellent illustration of how the SBT WORKS, while using a stretch limo similar to SS-100-X and using real-life human beings as stand-ins for JFK and John B. Connally, and with the JBC stand-in actually even wearing the exact same jacket that was being worn by Governor Connally on 11/22/63, with Arlen Specter's probe/rod being inserted right into the bullet hole in the back of Connally's coat.

And the angle of Specter's rod is 17+ degrees, exactly the same as the string on the wall in the background of CE903. And 17+ degrees was determined by surveyors and the WC/FBI to be the average angle (between Zapruder frames 210 and 225) from the southeast corner window on the TSBD's sixth floor to JFK's upper-back wound.

Quoting from the Warren Commission testimony of the FBI's Lyndal Shaneyfelt:

"The average angle, allowing for the [3.15] degree street grade results in an average angle between frame 210 and frame 225 of 17 degrees, 43 minutes, 30 seconds." -- Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt (WC Vol. 5; Page 162)

CE903 is an absolutely perfect "model" which displays the basic doability and workability of the Single-Bullet Theory. Over the years, CE903 is an official WC exhibit that has been largely ignored--especially by conspiracy theorists it would seem.

But I can't blame the CT-Kooks for wanting to completely ignore CE903. Because if they were to look at it for very long, they would easily be able to determine that the SBT does NOT (and CANNOT) require a bullet to enter John Kennedy's NECK in order for the SBT to work out just fine and exit JFK's "tie knot".

The SBT works.
The SBT is 100% correct.

Look again:

And again (photo caption written by DVP):

David Von Pein
January 6, 2009