(PART 401)


Is it possible that "Mr Hunt" had contacted the CIA agent Clay Shaw, and told Shaw that they needed to send someone to Dallas ASAP to control Oswald and prevent him from spilling the beans, because he'd talked to Oswald on the phone, and Oswald was showing signs that he was about to crack??



It's only possible in the minds of mega-kooks like you. Walt's fantasies are now growing and growing to the point where Walt is now inventing all kinds of additional make-believe conversations between the make-believe plotters.


Hunt calls Shaw.
Shaw calls Andrews.
Oswald calls Hunt.
Shaw calls Banister.
Banister calls Ruby.

Next up on Walt's buffet of bullshit will probably be another series of telephone calls that never took place:

Marguerite Oswald calls David Ferrie.
Ferrie calls Santo Trafficante.
Trafficante calls George DeMohrenschildt.
DeMohrenschildt calls Abe Zapruder (there's that link between Zapruder and Mrs. DeMohrenschildt, you know).
And then Zapruder calls Mac Wallace to finalize the "hit" on Kennedy.


Walt's stupid response above doesn't really address the earlier question of: What good is a "handler" to Oswald after LHO has been arrested?

Because according to the way Walt phrased it in his first stupid post regarding this matter, he (Walt The Super-Kook) is of the opinion that OSWALD himself "expected to be rescued by his handler" after his arrest.

I quote the idiot:

"Oswald wasn't 'climbing the walls' in jail, because he fully expected to be rescued by his handler." -- Walt The Super-Kook; December 16, 2008

So, my question is still valid, of course, from that kind of perspective -- i.e., from OSWALD'S POV, how could any "handler" possibly swoop into the DPD jail and "rescue" him (especially in light of all the evidence that the police had amassed against Oswald by Saturday night, when this make-believe call to LHO's "handler" was supposedly made)?

Was Oswald expecting "Mr. Hunt" to ride in on a white horse and then magically ERASE all of the evidence in the case that shows Oswald to be guilty of TWO murders (e.g., the rifle, the bullets, the shells, LHO's prints, etc.)?

Tell us again, O' Great Kook named Walter, just how stupid you think Lee Oswald was when he "wasn't 'climbing the walls' in jail, because he fully expected to be rescued by his handler".

Let's pretend some more, shall we?:

CAPTAIN J. WILL FRITZ (noticing "Mr. Hunt" approaching the DPD jail, clad in tights and a red cape with a big "S" printed on it) --- "Okay, boys, that's it. Mr. Hunt's here. Our work is done. We'll have to drop those two murder charges against this guy Oswald, because Mr. Hunt has entered the building to 'rescue' Lee Harvey! Jesse [Curry], now that this case is over, you wanna go have a little lunch?"

David Von Pein
December 17, 2008