(PART 266)


>>> "So Dave thinks this is NOT odd in the least? That two men would return to or come to Dallas in the months leading up to the assassination, and would wind up 1/2 block from each other; get jobs at the same
place (the alleged shooting location); and share rides with each other
to work." <<<


Once more the kook (Rob) is looking at things from the wrong POV
(i.e., in total hindsight).

The ONLY reason Oswald was hired at the TSBD was because of the
happenstance occurrence of Ruth Paine's house being so close to Linnie
Randle's (and Dorothy Roberts', as it was at Roberts' home where the
women got together and the subject of LHO's unemployed status came
up...which, btw, was quite obviously just another "happenstance"
occurrence, i.e., not pre-arranged in any way).

So, if the Randle and Paine houses had been--say--3 miles apart, Lee
Oswald would almost certainly have never gotten a job at the TSBD.
Because the only reason he got that job is because of the word of
mouth from Frazier, to Randle, to Paine, to Marina, to LHO.

And the only way for that word of mouth to have come about is because
of the proximity of the three homes in question -- Paine's, Randle's,
and Roberts'.

Rob, of course, thinks the ladies' coffee klatch at Dorothy Roberts'
house (NOT at Paine's house or Randle's house, keep in mind) was "pre-
arranged" in some way, in order to start the "setting-up" process of
poor schnook Lee Oswald.

Rob only works BACKWARDS, though, starting with the assassination and
then going back in time until he reaches something that looks
"suspicious" to him -- the coffee klatch at Roberts' home.

But if Robby The Idiot would simply START with the ladies' meeting at
Roberts' house and work FORWARD from that point, it should become
obvious to any reasonable person that there was nothing hinky or
conspiratorial about the way LHO got his Depository job in the

For one (big) thing -- These ordinary Irving housewives who Rob
thinks, incredibly, were setting up and framing poor Lee Oswald
couldn't possibly have known (as of 10/14/63) that the TSBD would even
be a good spot to "place" their so-called "patsy" in. The women didn't
even know that ANY motorcade through Dallas would take place at all
during JFK's visit to the city. And they certainly didn't know any of
the detailed routing of the motorcade as of October 14.

Once you can accept the obvious answer to how LHO got his job in the
TSBD (pure ordinary everyday happenstance), the rest of Rob's
"suspicions" go flying out the window by way of the same kind of
"happenstance" and ordinary occurrences.

Such as:

Oswald couldn't drive. Wes Frazier could. And Wes Frazier had a car.
Therefore, LHO hitched a ride with Frazier down the street from the
Paine home when Lee visited his wife on weekends. Totally reasonable
and totally logical. (Unless you're a kook like Robby.)

I wonder who will be next on Rob's list of evil conspirators? He's
already got several innocent Irving housewives on his list (such as
Randle, Paine, and Roberts....and I don't see how Rob can keep Dorothy
Roberts out of his make-believe plot here either, since it was at
Roberts' own house where the so-called "setting up" of LHO took place.

I'm guessing that Rob's next targets will be Ruth Paine's young
children. And Marina's two babies too. Rachel and Junie SURELY are co-
conspirators, being as close to Marina and Ruth as they were each day.
And we probably shouldn't leave out J.D. Tippit's three kids either.
They were probably "in" on the plot too. As was Mrs. Marie Tippit.

Via a CT-Kook's mindset, the world is at your feet....and everybody
should be considered "Guilty" of being a co-conspirator.

Funny, too, isn't it? Rob doesn't want sweet Lee Harvey to be branded
as "Guilty" of any 1963 crimes (despite the barrel of evidence to
illustrate how insane that notion is)....but Robby is all too eager to
label certain housewives in Irving as "Guilty" plotters in a
conspiracy to murder the President (without a stitch of proof, of

Nice double-standard you've got there, Robby. Very nice.

David Von Pein
July 1, 2008