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>>> "Robert MacNeil entered the TSBD shortly after the shooting, made a phone call from a TSBD phone, then ran outside and flagged down a passing car on Elm to get to Parkland. This sounds a lot like what Roger Craig said he saw. Either two men did this within minutes of each other (and Craig only saw the conspirator fleeing and did not see MacNeil) or one man - Robert MacNeil - did this and Craig saw MacNeil. I vote for Craig seeing MacNeil." <<<


Hi Joe! Good to see you. I've enjoyed reading many of your older posts here at the Google forums. Always very good, informative stuff. (BTW, I sent you an e-mail on October 15, 2007, but never got a response. I'm guessing I sent it to an e-mail address you don't use anymore. But, anyway, it's good to see you here again.)

Back to MacNeil....

Joe, you might have a slight problem with your Robert MacNeil chronology (with respect to the street where MacNeil flagged down a passing motorist).

It's possible that Vincent Bugliosi has some of the following details about MacNeil's movements incorrect (these passages below are culled from Vince's book "Reclaiming History"). VB isn't totally immune to making an error here and there (as I have pointed out on multiple occasions in my own posts, in fact). But if Vince is correct here, MacNeil jumped into a car on MAIN STREET, not on Elm:

"Outside again, [Robert] MacNeil rushes over to a policeman listening to the radio on a motorcycle. [MacNeil:] "Was he hit?" [Policeman:] "Yeah. Hit in the head. They're taking him to Parkland Hospital." .... MacNeil dashes out into the street, dodging the police cars whose wailing sirens are pulling up from all directions, bouncing over curbs, flowerbeds, and lawn. Not a taxi in sight. Traffic is beginning to jam. He sprints across Dealey Plaza to Main Street and leaps out in front of the first car that comes along. .... [MacNeil:] "This is a terrible emergency," he tells the driver. "The president's been shot. I'll give you five dollars to take me to Parkland Hospital." .... The driver, about thirty, not too swift, smiles and says, "Okay." The car is filled with packages that look like cake boxes. "Yeah, I heard something about that on the radio a couple of minutes ago," he says. .... [MacNeil:] "Where's the radio?" [Driver:] "I put it in the backseat." .... MacNeil grabs the little transistor and holds it out the window to clear the antenna. They are already bogging down in the rapidly jamming traffic. He begs the driver to speed, take risks, run red lights, anything--MacNeil will pay the fines. All the police cars are headed in the opposite direction, back toward the Texas School Book Depository." -- VINCENT BUGLIOSI; PAGE #49 OF "RECLAIMING HISTORY" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
June 27, 2008