Barry Krusch [in the video below] focused for long moments on the idea that the sniper's nest (which provided the assassin a perfect place to hide from view) was not arranged by Lee Oswald but by other people in the course of their work.

So what? Who cares? What matters is that there was indeed some book cartons that provided the assassin a place to hide. That Oswald arranged the boxes himself or that he took advantage of the boxes that were already there, or that, maybe, he arranged the boxes that were already there, does not matter a bit. It proves nothing either way.


I agree, Francois.

And, in fact, when you think about Mr. Krusch's comments about the boxes being moved by other Depository employees, instead of being moved into position by Oswald himself, it really kind of destroys another longstanding conspiracy theory: The one that has conspiracy theorists claiming that Oswald just didn't have enough time to move around all those boxes to form his Sniper's Nest (or that he would surely have been seen by someone when he went about the seemingly laborious task of lugging around the boxes in building his "Nest").

But via the scenario purported by Barry Krusch in his video review for Bill O'Reilly's book "Killing Kennedy", which is indeed, as Barry correctly pointed out, also advanced by the Warren Commission's David W. Belin in Belin's 1973 book "November 22, 1963: You Are The Jury" (Pages 145-146), it means that the construction of the Sniper's Nest wouldn't have required extensive time and effort on Oswald's part at all. He could have merely put the finishing touches on the outer Nest "shield" and then moved a few additional boxes to the inside of the "Nest" for his rifle rest and his "chair" box to sit on. Not much time would be needed there at all.

So it seems to me that Barry Krusch has, in effect, helped the lone-assassin cause by bringing up David Belin's observation concerning the other TSBD employees inadvertently constructing most of the Sniper's Nest (which is something in Belin's excellent 1973 book that I had forgotten about completely, even though I've had that book for six years).

So, thanks Barry. I'm glad you pointed out the fact that the construction of Oswald's sniper's lair was, for the most part, very likely not even Oswald's own work. Hence, another conspiracy theory about how Oswald couldn't possibly have constructed that Sniper's Nest by himself (without being seen) goes sliding down the drain.



An excerpt from my "Oswald Timeline" series of articles (relating to the topic of the Sniper's Nest boxes):

"It's also possible that, as Oswald mulled over potential shooting locations, he realized that a goodly number of boxes were already down on the east end of the 6th Floor, which would make constructing a makeshift "Nest" all the easier for him. .... Oswald (with his rifle and the paper bag) moves to the east end of the sixth floor, where Oswald works on constructing his Sniper's Nest. Now, some of these boxes might have been pretty close to the SN window already...which, as I mentioned, could have been a partial factor in Oswald choosing that southeast corner window to begin with. So, perhaps the building of the Nest wasn't as difficult or as time-consuming as some people seem to think it had to be. I really have no idea how long it would have taken Oswald to create his makeshift Sniper's Nest of book cartons. And nobody else knows for sure either. This is one of the several "unknowables" surrounding this case. But the sum total of "Oswald Was There" evidence tells me that Lee Oswald (alone) DID construct that Sniper's Nest at some point prior to Bonnie Ray Williams arriving back up on that sixth floor (or, at least Oz had ENOUGH of the Nest constructed so that he was able to hide behind a wall of partially-constructed boxes during Williams' brief 5-to-12-minute stay up on that floor)." -- DVP; April 2007

David Von Pein
October 5, 2012