(PART 265)


>>> "Any good crime investigator will tell you there are NO coincidences in a murder case." <<<


Go tell that to Mary Bledsoe, Johnny Brewer, and Abraham Zapruder (to name just three people who were part of the JFK Assassination landscape and who would all fit into a peripheral type of "coincidence" category with regard to Lee Harvey Oswald.

And there are probably several more examples connected to the JFK and J.D. Tippit murder cases that are similar to these three as well:

Coincidence #1:

Mary Bledsoe knew Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination (renting a room to him just one month prior). Bledsoe saw Oswald on Cecil McWatters' bus just minutes after Oswald murdered President Kennedy.

Coincidence #2:

Johnny Brewer was the Hardy's Shoe Store employee who was chiefly responsible for LHO's arrest after noticing Lee's "scared" and "nervous" behavior as LHO lurked in Brewer's storefront on 11/22/63. Brewer testified that he had probably seen Oswald in the Hardy's Shoe Store prior to November 22:

DAVID BELIN -- "Why did you happen to watch this particular man?"

JOHNNY C. BREWER -- "He just looked funny to me. Well, in the first place, I had seen him some place before. I think he had been in my store before. And when you wait on somebody, you recognize them, and he just seemed funny. His hair was sort of messed up and looked like he had been running, and he looked scared, and he looked funny."

Coincidence #3:

Abraham Zapruder took the famous 26-second home movie in Dealey Plaza that shows the entire assassination of JFK. Somewhat amazingly, Zapruder was acquainted with Jeanne LeGon several years prior to President Kennedy's assassination. LeGon would later marry George DeMohrenschildt, who would later become a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald's.

Quoting from the book "National Nightmare On Six Feet Of Film":

"An interesting factoid is that Zapruder worked side by side with Jeanne (Fomenko) LeGon at Nardis of Dallas, she being a clothing designer who in 1959 married an interesting character of the same White Russian nationality named George deMohrenschildt. In the fall of 1962 the DeMohrenschildts met and befriended Lee Oswald and his Russian wife, Marina." -- Richard B. Trask; Page 353 of "National Nightmare On Six Feet Of Film" [Endnote](c.2005)

But, since Rob insists that "coincidences" of this nature can't possibly occur surrounding a murder case, it must certainly mean (per Robby The Idiot) that Bledsoe, Brewer, and Zapruder must have all been part of some nefarious plot to assassinate the President in Dallas.

Right, Rob?

>>> "Everything happens for a reason, this doesn't mean all of them pan out, but they are things that need to be investigated and can lead you elsewhere." <<<

And that's where you desperately want to go, of course -- "elsewhere". As long as you can stay several hundred miles away from the real murderer of John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit (Lee Oswald), you're satisfied and very comfortable "elsewhere".

David Von Pein
July 1, 2008