(PART 260)


>>> "In no way, shape, or form am I associated with the HBO Bugliosi program. I haven't been paid one cent by Bugliosi." <<<


Everybody here knows that, Vince P. (even the rabid CTers like Healy and Holmes).

But those conspiracy kooks in question, like they always do, will manage to skew and misrepresent and mangle every single thing (big or small) when it comes to the JFK case -- even to the point of accusing people on a meaningless Internet forum of being "CIA disinfo agents" and/or "paid shills" for Vince Bugliosi, Dale Myers, the WC, or the FBI, etc.

It's really quite hilarious to watch the conspiracists do this too. I love it when I'm called such things. It makes my day, because it provides just one additional demonstration of how WRONG these CT-happy drones can be.

And now, it would appear, that Vince Palamara can look forward to being called the same things year after year, even though the kooks doing the accusing won't be able to provide a stitch of proof or evidence to back up their "He's A Paid Shill" claims (the same way they can never provide a stitch of proof or evidence to show that all of that "LHO Was Here" evidence was faked, planted, manipulated, and/or manufactured either).

But a total lack of evidence never stopped a conspiracy kook, that's for sure; just like Mr. Bugliosi says on page 978 of "Reclaiming History":

"One of the principal frailties in the thinking processes of the [conspiracy] theorists is that they rarely ever carry their suspicions, which are based on some discrepancy, anomaly, or contradiction they find, to their logical conclusion. .... For them, if something looks suspicious, that's enough. Instead of asking, "Where does this go?"--that is, where does the discrepancy, contradiction, or whatever, lead them?--they immediately give their minds a breather and conclude that what they find is itself proof of a conspiracy (or proof that Oswald is innocent). The discrepancy or contradiction is the ENTIRE story. And being the entire story, it by itself discredits the entire twenty-six volumes of the Warren Commission. Nothing else has to be shown or even argued." -- VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI


One of my favorite "He's A Government Agent" posts (which, per the nut writing it, warranted a brand-new thread being started up about me, no less) is this post from the nutty mind of one of our resident Mega-Kooks here at The Google Groups Asylum, Walt:

"Has anybody else noticed the amazing proliferation of posts by Dave the Pea Brain [Walt means me, DVP, of course]? Based on the number of posts that the Pea Brain enters, one would think he might have more than a casual interest in propagating the Warren Commission's decree. I have an avid interest in the murder of President Kennedy, and I'm 100% sure that there was a political conspiracy behind the murder, but I could not spend as much time as DVP does posting information. Since DVP is such a prolific poster, one has to wonder if he's not being well paid to post the official government-approved version of the events of November 22, 1963." -- Walt "JFK WAS HIT BY A BULLET FROM THE FRONT AT APPROX. Z161" Cakebread; October 1, 2007


And if we read the follow-up posts by the various conspiracists in this forum thread, we'll see that a few more of the loons in our midst couldn't resist putting their 2-cents' worth of idiocy into Walt's pot/(thread).

I was treated to additional belly-laughs when reading the following remarks dished up by the assorted nutcases:

"You mean DisinfoVicePresident for the CIA [meaning DVP, of course]? or DumbVinnie'sPayrollee?" -- CurtJester1; October 1, 2007

"More than a few here think DVP is Dave Reitzes." -- Dave "ZAPRUDER WASN'T ON THE PEDESTAL AT ALL" Healy; October 1, 2007*

* = Apparently the CT-Kooks think that this is always a good thing to fall back on too -- i.e., just pretend that a certain person is somebody else (sans any proof at all, naturally). Kind of like when David G. Healy pretends that somebody ELSE, other than Abe Zapruder, was up on the pedestal in Dealey Plaza filming the motorcade. It all comes under one of the main mottos adhered to by these conspiracy nuts -- ACCUSE NOW; PROVE NEVER. Healy really loves that motto. He swears by it, as do many other CTers as well.

We then get a follow-up post by Walt, who now seems much surer than he was just 27 hours earlier of the fact that I am employed by the evil and wicked United States Government. But perhaps Walter was just holding back some of his harsher accusations in post #1 of the thread:

"He [DVP] is required to post, and propagate, the official government line. That's his job....and he's being well paid with our tax dollars." -- A follow-up post by Walt; October 2, 2007

What's not to love about Super-Idiots like Walter, Dave Healy, "CurtJester", and others here? They keep getting beaten back into the woods (where they belong) with respect to their crazy views about how John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit died, and yet they keep coming back for more, time and time again. Crazy, huh?

But, then too, what the heck do I know? After all, per some of the CT-Kooks, I'm merely a puppet for the big bad Government (and Vince B. too, of course).

I just do what I'm told to do....and I'm rewarded with gobs of cash. Right Walt?

David Von Pein
June 25, 2008