(PART 272)


>>> "Actually if you go back to the original evidence, it indicates conspiracy." <<<



Lee Harvey Oswald's gun.
Bullets from Oswald's gun.
Shells from Oswald's gun.
Only Oswald's prints on gun.
Only Oswald's prints discernible on the boxes in the Sniper's Nest.
Oswald's prints on empty paper bag in Sniper's Nest.
Oswald seen with "bulky" paper bag that morning.
No alibi for Oswald for 12:30.
Eyewitness verification of ONE SHOOTER (named Oswald).
No other shooters seen in Dealey Plaza.
Oswald kills Tippit (alone).
Oswald tells lie after lie after he's arrested.

Great case for a multi-gun conspiracy there, huh?

Time for a new hobby, Tony. DVD collecting is fun. (Including some
JFK discs too.)

>>> "Which is what Dallas authorities were preparing to charge Oswald with [a "Communist conspiracy"]." <<<

Sure. After the DPD learned that the lone-nut kook named Oswald had tried to defect to Russia, naturally the thought of a "Communist conspiracy" entered their brains. Why wouldn't it have? It had LBJ paranoid on Day 1 too. So what?

>>> "Only a series of carefully crafted lies fooled people into thinking it was a lone nut." <<<

With Oswald HIMSELF aiding the people who were attempting to "fool" the masses. Right, Mr. Theorist?

In reality, of course, there was absolutely NOTHING that Oswald did or said between November 21 and his death on November 24, 1963, that would lead a reasonable person to think that he was anything BUT a lone-nut assassin. Nothing. Not even when he had ample opportunity to spill his guts on Live TV for two days. But Lee spills NOTHING.

Wasn't it nice of the proverbial "patsy" to go to his death as he helped (immensely!) to frame himself as the lone killer of the President of the United States?

You don't run into patsies who turn out to be THAT cooperative very often. Do you, Tony?

Let's now watch Anthony Marsh make up some more bullshit about Oswald and the devious "plot" that swirled all around LHO (aka: The Patsy That All CTers Love).

>>> "So, you don't see anything suspicious about a Mafia flunky killing the suspect while in police custody?" <<<

Why, then, didn't that very same "Mafia flunky" kill the suspect much earlier, when he had ample opportunity to do so?

If Jack Ruby had been "assigned" the job of rubbing out Lee Oswald, Oswald would never have been arrested. In such a case, LHO would have been found dead in a pool of blood shortly after leaving the TSBD on 11/22/63.

David Von Pein
July 6, 2008