(PART 273)


>>> "They [Jean Hill and Mary Moorman] said they jumped down the curb onto the street when JFK's limo approached." <<<


If Jester would just cross-reference a few things, he could easily see
how silly his position is regarding the Z-Film fakery.

For some reason, CTers think that this frame from Marie Muchmore's
film PROVES that Jean Hill and Mary Moorman were standing IN THE
STREET at the moment of the fatal head shot:

Please tell us, O Great Conspiracy Kook, HOW the above photo proves
that Hill and Moorman were "in the street" at that moment?

Plus, is Charles Brehm supposedly standing in the street as well in
the Muchmore film? Chuck seems to be about parallel to H&M's position.

Plus (and this is a biggie from a "common sense" perspective)......

By taking just one quick look at the famous James Altgens photo
(below), a reasonable person would easily be able to determine the
following: There's no way that Jean Hill and Mary Moorman would have
even wanted to step down INTO THE STREET as JFK's limo passed by
them -- because if they were to have done that, the ladies would have
been running the risk of getting run over by one of the police motorcycles
that was riding alongside the Secret Service follow-up car just behind
Kennedy's limousine.

If the women had physically stepped out onto Elm Street at the exact
time when JFK passed them, Hill and Moorman would have practically
been touching the motorcycle that was to the left-rear of JFK's car.

In short -- Hill and Moorman never went into the street as JFK passed
them on November 22, 1963. It's silly to even think they would have
wanted to do that (given the location of the police motorcycle, as
seen in the Altgens picture).

Plus: There's also the fact that the same Altgens picture shows the
shadows of Jean Hill and Mary Moorman (and Charles Brehm)....and those
three witnesses are NOT in the street at all. They are on the grass,
just exactly where they were at Z-Frame 313 as well.

The Altgens photo was taken at the equivalent of approx. Z-Film frame
255. So the theorists who want to have Hill and Moorman "in the
street" when President Kennedy's car was passing their position need
the women to both make that move onto the Elm St. pavement in the 1 to
2 seconds that follow the taking of Altgens' picture.

Because the women would have surely stepped down into the street (for
a better view of the President) by at least Zapruder Frame 290, and
probably even earlier than that.

If they had waited until after approx. Z290, what would have been the
point of stepping into the street at all? The President's car would
have already passed them by.

So, the Altgens photograph (for the multiple reasons mentioned) is
just one more nail in the coffin of the idiotic "Hill & Moorman Were
In The Street" theory.

Or is Jim Altgens' picture supposedly a "fake" too?

David Von Pein
July 6, 2008