(PART 274)


>>> "Referring to [John] McAdams' favorite HSCA Dox drawing, F-66 [1HSCA, p. 252], and specifically to the area of his head (where mostly parietal bone was blasted into DP [Dealey Plaza] or the limo), beginning barely forward of Baden's, McAdams', Posner's, Bugliosi's and your cowlick entry and extending forward to a little past the coronal suture, why does the scalp, as seen in the BOH photos, IN THAT SAME AREA, appear to be pretty much undamaged and in one piece?????" <<<


That's an easy one -- the Dox drawing isn't the BEST EVIDENCE.....the
autopsy pictures, the autopsy X-rays, and the autopsy report are the
BEST EVIDENCE. And those three things--in tandem--confirm this fact:

There was no large BOH [Back of The Head] wound in John Kennedy's
head. Period.

The Dox drawing (F-66) is slightly off on the gaping exit wound, quite
obviously, since the scalp of JFK is, indeed, fully intact (i.e., not blasted
completely away) in the area of the head just a little forward and right
of the cowlick entry wound.

This just proves that it's silly to rely too heavily on only the
drawings, including both Dox's and the ultra-crappy Rydberg ones done
for the WC, which only serve to confuse more than clarify. And Dox's,
while much better than Rydberg's, are still not totally accurate in some
respects either; and the Dox drawings weren't even necessary at all.

The HSCA had full access to the actual pictures of JFK. Why they
needed some drawings on top of the pics, I have never understood*. I
guess to supposedly provide better clarity of the inshoots/outshoots,
but, as mentioned, all they did was muddy waters that would have
been much less muddy if the WC and HSCA had kept the artist
renderings out of the official record (IMHO).

[* Since the HSCA, like the Warren Commission, didn't publish the gruesome autopsy photos in its Final Report or in its 12 volumes, they likely were in the same boat as the WC, and wanted to publish SOMETHING since they weren't going to show the public the autopsy pictures. So, they published artist renderings instead.]

David Von Pein
July 12, 2008