(PART 276)


>>> "DVP, it sure is tough defending a lie, isn't it?" <<<


You would probably know the answer to that question better than I.

>>> "Ok, then DVP, forget F-66 and use the top of the head photo. .... Compare the top/right/front in that photo to the same area in the BOH photos and then explain why the scalp there is ripped up in the former and intact in the lat[t]er. Thanks for your honesty on that." <<<

You think that the two photos below are depicting the exact same area
of President Kennedy's head, eh? That's a curious notion.

Plus: the top-of-the-head photo obviously depicts the head in a
completely different "state" than does the BOH color photo (which has
an autopsist holding JFK's scalp in place so that John Stringer could
photograph the entry wound in the BOH). The top-of-head photo doesn't
have anyone holding the scalp of the President, and gravity is
obviously playing a major part in what we're seeing in that picture
(just as gravity also MUST have played a major part in what the
Parkland witnesses erroneously thought they were seeing with respect
to the location of the large exit wound in JFK's cranium while he was
in the Parkland ER).

In short, those two photos above don't provide the information that you
need to make this broad determination that you made a minute ago (one
that you seem to consider to be an ironclad fact):

"Explain why the scalp there is ripped up in the former [autopsy photo] and intact in the latter [color autopsy photo]."

>>> "If I've got this straight, DVP is now on record as saying he doesn't agree with the Dox drawing....not even close?" <<<

Where did I say that I think the Dox illustration is "not even close"?
To the contrary, I specifically said this in my prior post:

"The Dox drawing in F-66 is slightly off on the gaping exit wound."

Key words there being: "slightly off".

As an addendum to this post, I think that the following two comments
fit together fairly nicely. But your mileage, John C., might vary on
that (as usual):

"The Dox drawing isn't the BEST EVIDENCE -- the autopsy pictures, the autopsy X-rays, and the autopsy report are the BEST EVIDENCE. .... The Dox drawing in F-66 is slightly off on the gaping exit wound....quite obviously, since the scalp of JFK is, indeed fully intact (i.e., not blasted completely away) in the area of the head just a little forward and right of the cowlick entry wound. This just proves that it's silly to rely too heavily on only the drawings, [...] which only serve to confuse more than clarify. And Dox's, while much better than Rydberg's, are still off a little." -- David Von Pein


"When the bone blew out anterior to the cowlick entry wound, it tore open the scalp, but it didn't make the scalp in that area disappear. But blew it back, and the BOH photo shows a blown-back piece of scalp held up to highlight the entry wound." -- John McAdams

David Von Pein
July 12, 2008