(PART 275)


>>> "Dave, you are just in time, teach Rob how to debate the case with himself like you do." <<<


Look, ma! Rob gets something else wrong!

I've never once "debated" with myself. The very idea is asinine on the
face of it.

Rob The Kook must actually think (as other morons have thought too,
which always amuses me) that I have merely made up (from whole cloth)
the "CTer" comments that I respond to in many of my posts.*

* = Even though I proved in various posts to Ben Holmes (and others)
that such an accusation is total idiocy by directly posting the links
to various "CTer" comments that I was accused of "making up", with
Ben's and Walt's and Gil's names appearing right on the posts I

But, like all CTer-ejaculated garbage that has already been debunked
many different times [think: "ghostwriting"], Rob will just continue
to ignore the debunkings and continue to believe exactly what he wants
to believe. (That's what kooks do best, of course.)

BTW, a re-post of a previously posted conversation between myself and
a CTer (like the fun one re-posted below) does not qualify as
"debating with myself". And only a kook would think it does qualify as

David Von Pein
July 12, 2008




>>> "By Saturday afternoon, Lee [Oswald] had started to come to grips with the fact that his handler and his agency had abandoned him." <<<


Connected with Ringling Brothers perhaps?

And Oswald had his own "agency" now, eh? He was smarter than we all
thought. I always pictured him as a member of a 1-member FPCC chapter.

>>> "He had seen a fake photo that seemed to show him with the alleged murder weapon in his hands." <<<

Oz had a memory problem too (evidently). Seeing as how he SIGNED ("To
George") one of the SAME BATCH of B.Y. photos....they cannot be
"fake", now can they?

The cops forged Ozzie's signature on the DeMohrenschildt pic...right
kook? Right.

>>> "After seeing that photo he realized that he was being framed." <<<

Only AFTER seeing the photo, eh? Then I guess he was checking his
pistol to see if it was in working order on 10th Street, and J.D.
Tippit just accidentally got in the way of the four shots. Otherwise,
why would Oz START killing people BEFORE he even "realized that he was
being framed"?

Think up another lie, Walt. Or just revise this one. Either will do.
Neither will be factual anyway...so what the hay.

>>> "On Saturday evening, he placed a long distant [sic] phone call to a Mr. Hunt in (Atlanta?)." <<<

Don't ask me -- this is your made-up conspiracy/patsy plot. So you
tell me. Atlanta? Alright...go with that. (I'd have said Chicago
though. It's that Toddlin' Town, after all.)

>>> "Of course Mr. "Hunt" could have been anywhere in the country, because the intelligence community had the capability to make it appear the call was received in Atlanta when in reality the the call had actually been received in Langley, Va." <<<

And with the WAYBACK MACHINE, Oswald should have been able to
transport himself quickly back in time to October 1929....just in time
to prevent the Stock Market Crash (similar to his heroic actions of
trying to SAVE THE PRESIDENT in Dallas in '63, you see).

This is fun -- just makin' shit up.

Continue, kook.....

>>> "At any rate....The Warren Commission painted a picture of Oswald as a tight lipped, unsociable, loner, who talked only in grunts and terse statements..." <<<

Yep. That's our boy. No question about it. Except when he gets talky
with shady lawyers from Atlanta (or Langley, or Walla Walla, or
Kooksville...where was Hunt again?).

>>> "One only has to listen to his debate with Bringuier to know that he was pretty damned smart and could easily carry a conversation and debate." <<<

Yep. He sure could. And one only need to listen to that debate to also
know that Oswald was a total fruitcake/screwball -- just the type of
nut to want to murder JFK on behalf of brilliant Fidel.

>>> "The phone call to Mr."Hunt" lasted about a half hour (that's a long time for someone who was antisocial)..." <<<

Is this anything like your proven "OSWALD COULDN'T HAVE KILLED TIPPIT"
timeline. You know, full of undefined, shitty parameters that can
never be tied together cohesively?

Yeah, thought so.

Continue, kook...

>>> "...so you can bet that Lee didn't call Mr."Hunt" to discuss the weather." <<<

Junie DID need shoes. Perhaps that was discussed.

>>> "Since it was obvious to Lee that he was being railroaded..." <<<

Oh, obviously. He should have realized that he was being railroaded
when that bitch Ruth Paine and that other fucking whore Linnie Mae did
Oswald that awful favor of recommending him for that Depository job.

>>> "As Whaley described the situation..." <<<

The cab driver? WTF?

Oh, well...maybe the kook can unravel this for the weak-minded LNers.

>>> "...he wanted to know why "someone" had not come forward to his defense..." <<<

Of course, a lawyer DID come to the DPD to aid Oswald (without Oz
sending for anybody). Oswald told the man he wasn't needed. Go figure.

>>> "It was obvious to Lee that he was in hot water..." <<<

Yeah, he probably did think that. Normally when you murder 2 people
(esp. a President), they don't start hangin' medals on you. But maybe
Oswald was only worried about not having lawyers banging at his jail
cell to defend his sorry ass, huh?

>>> "...and his agency was doing nothing to help him." <<<

Federal Aviation Agency? Or was it an Agricultural Agency of some ilk?
Or is this the made-up agency you spoke of earlier?

>>> "During that long conversation he must have warned Mr "Hunt" that he hadn't spilled the beans yet..." <<<

And wasn't about to spill any, even though he now KNOWS he should,
what with his sudden realization that he's been made the "patsy" by
Mr. Eyebrows, David Ferrie (and his goon squad).

(Or did you want to pick out your own Patsy-Framing Crew in this post,
Walt-Kook? By all means...wind up from the rubber, and let rip a good

>>> "...but if they didn't get off their ass and send some help quickly he was gonna start talking..." <<<

Even though he'd already made his "I'm just a patsy" hallway
declaration by this time. He was just tossing out a few "clues" to the
cops, reporters, and the millions watching on TV. Right? He was gonna
save the big "Ferrie Did It" salvo for 11:22 AM on Sunday. But he was
popped 1 minute before he could talk. Poor patsy.

>>> "This phone call was his death warrant..." <<<

I thought Marrion Baker had Oz's Death Warrant in his pocket (in the
form of Baker's gun) when Baker stormed the TSBD on Friday?

And wasn't it you who also said just yesterday that Gerald Hill ALSO
was supposed to rub out the patsy in the theater?

Question --- How many brain-dead plotters does it take to rub out just
one simple-minded patsy before the bastard can talk??

Answer --- A good-sized number, per the CT-Kooks. Baker failed, Hill
failed, Ruby failed on his first attempt (probably).

The Patsy Crew finally had to go with Plan 9 From Kooksville, and kill
the bum in the police station on LIVE TELEVISION.

THAT did the cover-up a lot of good, huh?

Continue, kook....

>>> "They sealed his lips for good the next morning." <<<

Oh well...he had unattractive "tight lips" anyhow. So, who cares.

Walt's post is CLASSIC kook stuff -- i.e., take a vague reference to a
phone call and build a conspiracy around something that's TOTALLY

You can't beat these kooks. They'll give you a laugh....every time.

David Von Pein
February 19, 2007