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>>> "For those like me who have always suspected that Dallas photographer Bob Jackson got a picture of a rifle at the wrong window in the depository, his 1993 interview is all but confirmation of same. See David Von Pein's valuable posting of this. (Way to go, Dave!) Recall from Jackson's Commission testimony that the empty camera was on his lap, the loaded one around his neck. Then listen to this unintentionally hilarious interview." <<<


Just like a conspiracy kook -- leaping to incredible conspiratorial conclusions on the slimmest info imaginable.

Donald Willis just flat-out doesn't like Robert Jackson's "I Swung An Empty Camera" explanation, so Mr. Willis has decided to disbelieve it entirely. Simple as that.

In reality, Robert Jackson's comments made during his 1993 interview are perfectly consistent (in every way) with Jackson's 1964 Warren Commission testimony.

In the '93 interview, Jackson specifically says that the camera he "swung" around toward the 6th-Floor TSBD window after seeing the rifle sticking out of the sniper's window was the camera WITH THE LONG LENS -- i.e., the SAME camera that Jackson had just emptied of its film at the corner of Main & Houston (he threw the roll of film to Jim Featherston at that corner).

Jackson explains in the '93 interview that he used the long-lens camera (the one without any film in it) in order to zoom in on the sixth-floor window and get a closer view of the window.

Now, yes, Jackson also had a loaded camera around his neck. But he specifically stated in '93 that it was the EMPTY ("long lens") camera that he used when he swung the camera up toward the sniper's window to get a zoomed-in view.

COULD Bob Jackson have swung his LOADED camera up toward the sixth floor that day in Dallas? Sure, he could have. But the plain fact is: he did not do that. He swung his empty camera toward the window.

Maybe that was a stupid, unthinking move on Jackson's part. But that's irrelevant here, because the fact is (stupid move or not) Mr. Jackson swung his EMPTY camera toward the assassin's window that day, and no amount of Donald Willis whining and disbelieving is going to change that fact.

Part of Bob Jackson's Warren Commission session is shown below, and it is testimony that perfectly matches Mr. Jackson's recollections during his 1993 interview.


Jackson saw the rifle sticking out of the 6th-Floor window at the SOUTHEAST CORNER of the Book Depository. There is no other window he could possibly be describing here, since he specifically refers to the "two Negro men in a window straining to see directly above them". And Jackson says that exact same thing in his '93 interview as well.

Or do some conspiracy theorists now want to invent a theory that has "two Negro men" ALSO in a fifth-floor window at the OTHER end of the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 PM on 11/22/63? .....

"Then after the last shot, I guess all of us were just looking all around and I just looked straight up ahead of me which would have been looking at the School Book Depository and I noticed two Negro men in a window straining to see directly above them, and my eyes followed right on up to the window above them and I saw the rifle, or what looked like a rifle approximately half of [the] weapon, I guess I saw, and just looked at it, it was drawn fairly slowly back into the building, and I saw no one in the window with it. I didn't even see a form in the window." -- Robert H. Jackson

David Von Pein
July 14, 2008