(PART 282)


>>> "Dave, why would I care if LHO is innocent or not?" <<<


You tell me. You're the President (and Secretary) of the current
version of the "Anybody But Oswald" club here in these parts. So
you'll have to tell me.

>>> "You sound silly saying things like that." <<<

Another classic Pot/Kettle moment from the Robster. Lovely.

>>> "My motive is I believe someone accused of two murders
should have a fair trial, but since the DPD made sure this didn't happen,
at the very least we should make sure all the "evidence" is accurate and correct." <<<

And you think that task can be better accomplished by chucking all of
the evidence in the case into File 13 (i.e., into the nearest trash
dumpster)....right, Rob?

If you toss out ALL of the Oswald-Is-Guilty stuff, there's virtually
nothing left. So, as Bud has asked you previously, how can you expect
to solve a double-murder case with no evidence in "Rob's Courtroom"
at all? A difficult task, indeed, wouldn't you agree?

The case then must be totally unsolvable. Right, Rob?

>>> "In this case, NONE of the evidence supports the theory that LHO was the shooter of JFK and JD Tippit. Absolutely none of it." <<<

Which can mean only one of two things:

1.) You haven't evaluated any of the evidence properly at all.
(Because anyone who has looked at it and evaluated it in a reasonable,
non-kooky manner knows that what you just said above is total horse


2.) You're an ABO [Anybody But Oswald] member who (for some reason) wants
Oz to be cleared of these charges.

There is no third choice in this particular double-murder case.

>>> "You can get me off of it [the CT vs. LN merry-go-round] anytime by providing real PROOF, EVIDENCE AND A MOTIVE." <<<

Already been done....thousands of times, and by hundreds upon hundreds
(if not thousands) of JFK researchers. You just flat-out don't like
the LHO-did-it answers, so you'll dismiss them. Simple as that.

And so, back on that merry-go-round we go.

And, of course, proving "motive" is not at all required to prove a
person's guilt in a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. You surely know
about that basic point of the law, right?

But, as for Oswald's motive, although not critical toward proving
LHO's guilt in the 2 murders he committed in Dallas (the flood of
evidence against him, of course, provides all the proof we need in
that regard), I have some thoughts on his motive too -- HERE.

Plus, I'll add this quote from my book review for Jean Davison's
magnificent 1983 book "Oswald's Game", which is a review snippet that
fits in nicely here too:

"In a (lone)-nutshell .... 1.) This book ["Oswald's Game"] shows (beyond a reasonable doubt, in my opinion) that Lee Harvey Oswald had it WITHIN HIMSELF the desire to shoot President Kennedy. .... 2.) The physical evidence positively indicates that Oswald's very own Mannlicher-Carcano rifle WAS the one and ONLY weapon used to kill JFK. Those two things go together like bread and butter. When adding #1 to #2, it's pretty clear that Lee Oswald was not the "innocent patsy" that so many conspiracy theorists seem to want to believe he was. Instead, numbers 1 and 2 above, when merged, are telling the world that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy." -- DVP; January 2007

David Von Pein
July 17, 2008