(PART 280)


Herbert Blenner [in this July 2008 Internet post] is trying to place precise exactitude on things that can never be ascertained with such precision. Never have. Never will (of course). Can't be done. No way.


The precise to-the-inch location of JFK's head in relation to Oswald's head-shot bullet entering Kennedy's head is impossible to determine with the precision that Herb seems to think exists. Can't be done. No way. No how. It's a "best guess" scenario. Always was.


The exact to-the-inch locations of John Connally and President Kennedy when they were struck by CE399. Those measurements, too, are just "best guesses". Always were. Always will be.

Dale Myers has put about as much "exactitude" on these things as can possibly be done by mere mortals/humans, via Dale's "Secrets Of A Homicide" computer animation project. And via that animation, the Single-Bullet Theory is obviously not only DOABLE, but almost certainly a FACT.

And the argument about the amount of deflection with respect to the head-shot bullet is a totally irrelevant one in the long run.


Because we KNOW with 100% certainty that only ONE bullet struck JFK's head...and that one bullet entered in the BACK of the head, with associated inward bevelling. [See autopsy doctor Jim Humes talk about the bevelling of the head wound in the 1967 video presented below.]

Therefore, since there is absolutely ZERO pieces of evidence to indicate that President Kennedy was struck in the head by a SECOND bullet, the math becomes quite easy at this point.

That is to say:

Regardless of WHERE the large exit wound was located (which was in the right-front of the head, of course), and regardless of how many degrees the bullet deflected after striking Kennedy's cranium, the basic ironclad fact of "Only One Bullet Hit JFK's Head From Behind" will never change, which makes all the arguments surrounding these sub-topics moot and rather meaningless when all is said and done.

But, by all means, continue to try to pump oil from that dry-as-the-Mojave hole in the ground you've created, Herbert. Knowing conspiracy theorists, I'm sure you shall continue to pump away at the dust like mad.

David Von Pein
July 14, 2008