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>>> "Oh sonny, now you display your complete lack of knowledge concerning these matters. Cite, son, CITE. Your source son...for all
we know [you're] quoting from a person 15 times removed from
Jean Hill." <<<


LOL. Lovely! Now the kook who owns the industrial-sized crackpipe [that's Dave Healy] is going to pretend that he's never once in his life heard either of the two 11/22/63 radio and TV interviews featuring Jean Hill's live statements (which were recorded) about the assassination she had just witnessed a very short time earlier.

A slightly edited version of the first interview with Hill can be heard HERE. The segment with Hill is at the 4:30 mark.

The second WBAP interview with Jean Hill on November 22nd (a recorded TV interview) is the one that contains these exact words from the lips of Mrs. Hill (which I posted previously):

QUESTION: "Did you see the person who fired the weapon?"
JEAN HILL: "No, I didn't see any person fire the weapon."
QUESTION: "You only heard it?"
JEAN HILL: "I only heard it."

You can hear Hill's second interview in its entirety (including comments made by Mary Moorman as well) at this NBC-TV link, approximately 13 minutes after the start of the audio file.


BTW/FYI, I "cite" evidence and testimony constantly in my various forum posts, and I provide clickable links to specific documents, etc., far more often than anyone else on these forums (at least since mid-2006 at any rate, which was when my activity on the Google Groups forums increased substantially). Anyone, therefore, who claims I don't often provide "cites" for the evidence just flat-out doesn't know what he is talking about. Period.

BTW #2, some people might be interested in reading Jean Hill's 11/22/63 affidavit, wherein she doesn't mention a thing about seeing anybody shooting a gun from the Grassy Knoll.

She does say in that affidavit that she "thought [she] saw some men in plain clothes shooting back", but that comment cannot possibly be propped up by anyone in an effort to substantiate Hill's later claims of having physically seen an ASSASSIN firing a weapon FROM THE KNOLL.

Based on Hill's obviously inaccurate opinion with respect to the SINGLE source of ALL the gunshots she heard that day (the Grassy Knoll), any person whom Hill thought might have been "shooting back" would surely have been doing so from a NON-Knoll location, and therefore would have been shooting TOWARD the Knoll.

In any event, as we can see from Hill's official November 22 statement below, she doesn't say a word about seeing any killer or killers on the Grassy Knoll. And this statement, btw, gels almost perfectly with her WBAP taped interview from that same day, with some portions being close to verbatim to the WBAP interview:

"Mary [Moorman] and I...were the only people in that area and we were standing right at the curb. The President's car came around the corner and it was over on our side of the street. Just as Mary Moorman started to take a picture, we were looking at the President and Jackie in the back seat and they were looking at a little dog between them. Just as the President looked up toward us, two shots rang out and I saw the President grab his chest and fall forward across Jackie's lap, and she fell across his back and said "My God he has been shot". There was an instant pause between the first two shots and the motorcade seemingly halted for an instant and three or four more shots rang out and the motorcade sped away. I thought I saw some men in plain clothes shooting back, but everything was such a blur and Mary was pulling on my leg saying "Get down they are shooting". I looked across the street and up the hill and saw a man running toward the monument and I started running over there. By the time I got up to the railroad tracks, some policeman that I suppose were [sic] in the motorcade or nearby had also arrived and was turning us back, and as I came back down the hill, Mr. Featherstone [sic] of the Times Herald had gotten to Mary and ask[ed] her for her picture she had taken of the President, and he brought us to the press room down at the Sheriff's office and ask [sic] to stay." -- /s/ Jean Hill [11/22/63]





David Von Pein
July 14, 2008