(PART 278)


>>> "Now it is your turn, Mr. Von Pein, to explain how a bullet could [enter] the President's head and change direction by fifty or sixty degrees to exit from the right-front of the head while CE-399 could not make a highly similar turn?" <<<


You're kidding, right? You cannot possibly be serious with this line
of silly thought.

Bullet CE399 hit NO BONES while traversing JFK's body. None at all.
Hence, no deviation of the bullet upon exiting the President's throat.
Even Cyril Wecht agrees with the "no deviation" stance with respect to
Bullet CE399. He even said so in those exact words ("no deviation") as
recently as June 14, 2007 (at the 13:15 mark of this radio program).

But Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano bullet that hit Kennedy's
head hit bone immediately. Hence, some deviation from the projectile's
initial flight path was no doubt INEVITABLE. And perhaps some
significant deviation, considering the object that was struck by that
missile (i.e., John Kennedy's skull).

Now, I have a question for all conspiracy-minded individuals:

Why does this same "CE399 Didn't Behave Like The Head-Shot Bullet"
junk keep getting resurrected....year after year after year? Why?

Is it because conspiracy theorists enjoy being embarrassed by LNers
via the logical answer the CTers receive each and every time this
moribund subject is dragged out of the closet?

David Von Pein
July 14, 2008