(PART 271)


As for being who you [John R. King] say you are, okay, but I repeated that more to tweak DVP than anything, as he is known to do such a thing even though he vigorously denies it.


This is nothing but a lie. "Known to do such a thing"?? By whom? Where? On what websites? What names do I supposedly use? Any chance you'll tell me any of these things? Or would you prefer to remain wishy-washy and perpetually vague?

But here's a hint: The whole "DVP Is Posing As Somebody Else" crappola was, AFAIK, started by Dave Healy at the acj forum/newsgroup. That kook's lies about me then spread to the Black Op Retard Radio Network [THIS EPISODE], where James DiEugenio and Len Osanic declared that I was probably Dave Reitzes. Nothing to back up such a belief, of course. Just the mindless allegation spouted by Dave "Zapruder Wasn't Even On His Pedestal" Healy. Nothing more.

A false rumor that has been started by a JFK conspiracy theorist is like a batch of weeds in your backyard -- unwanted, ugly, and hard to get rid of. And, in the case of this stupid rumor about me -- it's just plain wrong. Nobody can ever prove I have used "aliases" in any of my online articles or posts, and that's because I have never once done such a thing. And never will.

Re: Garrison's despicable case vs. Shaw:

A little bit of ordinary common sense can go a long way when talking about Jim Garrison, Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie. I have displayed that common sense in my series of online battles with Jim DiEugenio. And that common sense has never been defeated.

In short: Nobody has EVER proven that any of the individuals in the New Orleans gang of purported "conspirators" had anything whatsoever to do with the murder of President Kennedy.

For some reason, that basic, simple fact I just stated above doesn't seem to make a bit of difference to certain people in the "conspiracy community". They'll ignore that basic truth until the pallbearers come to fetch them.

And that basic truth really has little or nothing to do with Jim Garrison himself. It's about the EVIDENCE. And there is NO EVIDENCE that links the New Orleans gang to the assassination of JFK. None.

David Von Pein
October 28, 2012