(PART 262)


>>> "What are the odds [Wesley Frazier's] sister would live a few blocks from the house where Marina would be staying? Astronomical!" <<<


Rob doesn't think the odds are too good that Randle and Frazier would have just coincidentally lived a half-block from the Paine home in 1963 at the same time when an ordinary job for a book-filler became available at the TSBD (i.e., a building located along the lengthy motorcade route that JFK would travel in Dallas).....

But Rob finds no problem in siding with the incredible odds that are stacked up against him by believing that several different people were working in concert with each other (Ruth Paine, Linnie Randle, Wes Frazier, Marina Oswald, Roy Truly, and possibly even Paine's neighbor Dorothy Roberts too) to frame poor Lee Harvey Oswald by "placing" him in the Book Depository at the proper time to be blamed for killing the President.

Rob The Kook, as usual, is looking at this "Odds" thing from only a conspiracy-slanted and "plot"-oriented POV.

But, when reality prevails (as it should), a reasonable person would evaluate the evidence against Mr. Oswald and determine that, in a very real sense, OSWALD'S JOB AT THE DEPOSITORY IS WHAT ULTIMATELY DOOMED THE PRESIDENT TO BE KILLED....and that the location of Oswald's workplace is what steered and guided a good deal of LHO's thinking in the days leading up to November 22nd.

The assassination site (Oswald's workplace), nor anyone involved with LHO's being hired at the TSBD, certainly didn't SEEK OUT Lee Harvey Oswald in advance.

Lee Harvey Oswald, via ordinary, everyday garden-variety happenstance, was hired for a menial job at a book warehouse and then--later--realized his extreme good fortune of being employed where he was employed on 11/22/63 and the days that preceded that date.

In other words.....

To believe in Rob's kooky way of thinking, I'd have to believe that many people (some of them who were total strangers to one another, like Marina Oswald and Buell Frazier, for example; and Ruth Paine and Roy Truly, to name another "total strangers to one another" example) conspired to "plant" Lee Oswald in the Depository via a string of occurrences that ALL look exactly like innocent "coincidence".

But to believe in the "Oswald Shot Kennedy Alone" scenario, the only thing I need to believe in (with respect to the topic of how LHO got his job in the TSBD) is: ordinary happenstance.

I wonder who's right in this regard? Rob? Or DVP?

Anybody want to go to Vegas and place some odds?

David Von Pein
June 29, 2008