(PART 268)


>>> "Here's real nonsense: me taking more of the moderator's time to explain to you, once again, that, in the first place, that photo was taken late in the procedure, and, in the second place, the scalp was eventually successfully stretched and sutured to close up openings (the photo was obviously taken after some of that occurred)." <<<


All together now -- "LOL!!"

>>> "And I find it remarkable that you keep flaunting this photo as some sort of proof that dozens of doctors were lying or hallucinating about seeing a BOH [Back Of the Head] wound." <<<

This photo (which you, John C., SHOULD be running from as fast as you possibly can) is a very good photo to "flaunt", as it (all by itself) proves that your BOH/LN theory is full of holes (pardon the pun):

And when the above photo is viewed in conjunction with the lateral X-ray of JFK's head (which, just like the above pic, shows not even a hint of the large BOH hole that John Canal imagines)....well, the math then becomes pretty easy to do.

It should be fairly easy math for everybody--even John Canal. But, evidently, John prefers to ignore the BEST, HARD, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE concerning this particular matter (the authenticated photographs and X-rays). Instead, John would rather latch onto the evidence that isn't nearly as good, or "hard", or "physical", or definitive -- the subjective observations of witnesses.


Incredibly, John Canal thinks (a la the similar mindset exhibited by author David S. Lifton, it would seem) that somebody at the autopsy stitched up the rear of JFK's head so PERFECTLY and so SEAMLESSLY that EVERY LAST TRACE of the huge, gaping hole that John believes was present in the far right-rear part of Kennedy's head became completely INVISIBLE and UNDETECTABLE in the above color photograph.

Worth a replay ---


>>> "...And you wonder what fuels the arguments of the CTs--if you do, it's this B/S you keep shoveling out!" <<<

After that nonsense you just tried to push about the huge hole in JFK's scalp being "sutured" to utter perfection, so as to eliminate all traces of your make-believe gaping hole (and, remarkably, it eliminated every trace of the SUTURING as well...those surgeons were sure good at stitching up a scalp!) within the autopsy photos, you still have the gonads to say that it is I who is shovelling the "B/S"? That's rich! Really rich.

Where's the scalp damage here, John? (Just more good fortune for Humes & Company?):

David Von Pein
July 4, 2008