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Research on the authenticity of the Zapruder film has been proceeding at a rapid clip since the symposium on the film I organized and moderated at the Lancer Conference in 1996.


Since the film has been used as the backbone of the cover-up from its inception--including the creation of the "blob" of brains bulging forward, the missing right-front cranial mass from the x-rays, the caption for frame 313 in LIFE magazine describing how the direction of the shot was determined by the study of the film, and Abraham Zapruder's appearance on television that evening, using his had to show a blow-out to the right-front that did not occur--it is extremely fortunate that Doug Horne did not follow the advice of some and suppressed his research on the film. Indeed, one of the great virtues of Vol. IV is its exposure of film fakery.

Let me say that Doug Horne has been extremely generous in acknowledging the previous work by Jack White, David Mantik, David Healy, John Costella, and David Lifton, who are those who have made the most important contributions to establishing that the Z-film has been recreated.

After all, anyone who takes for granted that the film is authentic--as have generations of students of the crime in generations past--will be unable to reconstruct what actually happened in Dealey Plaza during the assassination, since some events--such as William Greer bringing the limousine to a halt to make certain JFK would be killed, Motorcycle Patrolman Cheney's motoring forward to advise Chief Curry that he had been shot, and Mary Moorman and Jean Hill's stepping into the street to take Mary's famous Polaroid--have been removed, while other events--such as the bulging "blob", the blood spray, and the passengers being thrown forward WHILE THE LIMO WAS ACCELERATING AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN PULLED BACK--have been added in. Horne's studies reinforce these discoveries.

I especially like the manner in which Doug Horne encourages other students of JFK to abandon their long-held but provably-false belief in Zapruder film authenticity.


Good lord. The nuts don't fall far from the tree now do they Mr. Fetzer?


You can say that again, Paul.

Now we've got James "THE Z-FILM WAS WHOLLY FABRICATED" Fetzer coming here [to Amazon.com] to defend Douglas P. Horne's fantasies, with Fetzer re-posting virtually every hunk of nonsense known to man in his last post.

About the only kooky theory Fetzer left out of his last post was his tripe about how Oswald's rifle could not possibly be the weapon that killed John F. Kennedy due to the "Fetzer Fact" that Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was not high-powered enough to cause the wounds to Kennedy's cranium, despite the fact (a real fact this time, not a "Fetzer Fact") that the ONLY BULLETS AND FRAGMENTS that were recovered after the assassination were bullets and fragments that were either conclusively linked to Rifle #C2766 or were consistent with having come from that weapon.

And such an occurrence regarding the bullets and fragments in this case would be astonishing if, as Kook Fetzer insists, President Kennedy was actually struck by FOUR bullets (instead of just the actual number of missiles that hit him--two)....with ZERO of those four bullets, per Fetzer, having originated from Oswald's C2766 rifle!

And that silly Fetzer scenario doesn't even count the separate bullets (plural) that Fetzer thinks struck Governor Connally! Fetzer thinks Connally was hit by possibly as many as THREE different bullets too, which would increase the number of bullets that hit the two victims to as many as SEVEN -- with ZERO bullets being plucked from either victim (except for a few very, very small fragments)!

Those patsy plotters sure did a great job at getting rid of those other (approx.) FIVE BULLETS that entered the bodies of JFK & JBC, didn't they? I guess the conspirators must have had all of the Parkland doctors and nurses in their hip pockets too. Right, Jim F.?

As I and other "LNers" have said in the past -- The very last people on this planet who should be looking into the assassination of JFK are the rabid conspiracists who inhabit the World Wide Web (such as mega-kook James H. Fetzer, who never met a conspiracy theory he didn't love with all his heart).


Since anyone could have purchased a superior weapon on any corner store in Dallas without leaving any records, it should have occurred to you that the purchase of an inferior weapon by mail order was setting him up.


So Mr. Fetzer thinks that a group of patsy-framers was "setting up" Lee Oswald to take the fall for President John F. Kennedy's NOVEMBER murder way back in MARCH of 1963 (which is positively when the rifle was ordered).

And not only does Fetzer have to believe in that March/November fairy tale, he also must believe that (somehow) Oswald tried to SET HIMSELF UP...because we know for a fact that all of the paperwork involving the ordering of Rifle C2766 through Klein's Sporting Goods was in OSWALD'S VERY OWN HANDWRITING.

Obviously, Kook Fetzer must not trust any of the handwriting experts who all testified that the order form for the rifle and the $21.45 money order for the rifle and the envelope that was used to mail the order form and the money order for the rifle were ALL filled out by Lee Harvey Oswald himself and no other person on Planet Earth (which is a planet that Mr. Fetzer might like to visit sometime, instead of living on Planet Conspiracy out in The Twilight Zone, which is a place he currently calls home).

As another very astute LNer named Bud put it on January 19, 2007 (and this is a great quote) -- "[It was] either Oswald alone, or thousands working to make it look like Oz did it alone."

To conspiracy theorists like James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., apparently the latter portion of the above statement makes infinitely more sense than the former. But to a reasonable person, it's just the opposite.

David Von Pein
December 29-30, 2009