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If this case is ever reopened, the Single Bullet Theory will not survive. It will be DOA.

The only hope that the WC crowd has [is] to make sure this case is never reopened.

The shenanigans that you all can get away with here on the internet will not be possible in a real courtroom.

There is absolutely no doubt that if this case is reopened, the Single Bullet Theory will be discredited and removed.


The single bullet FACT will survive, just as it has for 50 years. The FACT won't be washed away just because you would like it to.


First of all, the case is not going to be reopened, barring some earthshaking new evidence being discovered. Nobody but a tiny niche of conspiracy hobbyists is calling for that to happen.

For 50 years, conspiracy hobbyists have been calling the SBT ridiculous, yet are unable to articulate why it is ridiculous or offer a viable alternative.

The SBT works. It's as simple as that.


The prosectors at the autopsy determined that the bullet that penetrated the upper back of JFK did NOT exit the body, and therefore the throat [wound] was an entry wound, meaning that there was a shooter in front of JFK, and so we have a conspiracy of at least 2 shooters. We now also have another shooter that shot Connally, since he wasn't hit by any wacky 'single bullet'.


Quoting from the Clark Panel Report.....


"The other bullet struck the decedent's back at the right side of the base of the neck between the shoulder and spine and emerged from the front of his neck near the midline. The possibility that this bullet might have followed a pathway other than one passing through the site of the tracheotomy wound was considered. No evidence for this was found.

There is a track between the two cutaneous wounds as indicated by subcutaneous emphysema and small metallic fragments on the X-rays and the contusion of the apex of the right lung and laceration of the trachea described in the Autopsy Report. In addition, any path other than one between the two cutaneous wounds would almost surely have been intercepted by bone and the X-ray films show no bony damage in the thorax or neck.

The possibility that the path of the bullet through the neck might have been more satisfactorily explored by the insertion of a finger or probe was considered. Obviously the cutaneous wound in the back was too small to permit the insertion of a finger. The insertion of a metal probe would have carried the risk of creating a false passage, in part because of the changed relationship of muscles at the time of autopsy and in part because of the existence of postmortem rigidity.

Although the precise path of the bullet could undoubtedly have been demonstrated by complete dissection of the soft tissue between the two cutaneous wounds, there is no reason to believe that the information disclosed thereby would alter significantly the conclusions expressed in this report."


This part of the above Clark Panel excerpt deserves a replay and added emphasis:

"There is a track between the two cutaneous wounds..."

Another interesting part of the 1968 Clark Panel Report is something that I had never once noticed or paid any attention to at all prior to this week --- it's the portion of the report in which the Clark Panel confirms, via measurements, that the bullet hole in President Kennedy's throat was located 3.5 centimeters LOWER (anatomically) than the bullet wound in the President's upper back....


"There is an elliptical penetrating wound of the skin of the back located approximately 15 cm. medial to the right acromial process, 5 cm. lateral to the mid-dorsal line and 14 cm. below the right mastoid process. This wound lies approximately 5.5 cm. below a transverse fold in the skin of the neck. This fold can also be seen in a lateral view of the neck which shows an anterior tracheotomy wound. This view makes it possible to compare the levels of these two wounds in relation to that of the horizontal plane of the body.


The center of the circular wound [in the front of the neck] is situated approximately 9 cm. below the transverse fold in the skin of the neck described in a preceding paragraph. This indicates that the bullet which produced the two wounds followed a course downward and to the left in its passage through the body."



The complete Clark Panel Report:

Related link:



James Sibert (FBI agent)...saw and heard the whole autopsy. He saw the prosectors examining the upper back bullet wound, and they were unable to get a probe or a finger past a certain point, and they said "There's NO EXIT", and then Finck, the bullet specialist, said "There's NO EXIT", meaning that the bullet had never left the body of JFK, and therefore had never gone on to hit Connally.



Why are you constantly insisting that the autopsy surgeons (or "prosectors") concluded that the bullet that struck JFK's back did not exit his throat? You've repeated that falsehood numerous times now.

But, in fact, the autopsists concluded exactly the OPPOSITE. On page 6 of the autopsy report (Warren Report; Page 543), the autopsy doctors (all THREE of them, including Dr. Pierre A. Finck, whose signature is clearly visible on that page linked above too, along with the signatures of Drs. Humes and Boswell) concluded in crystal clear language that the bullet that struck the upper back of President Kennedy----


"...made its exit through the anterior surface of the neck."


After Dr. Humes spoke with Parkland's Dr. Perry on the phone the next morning (November 23) and confirmed that Perry had cut right through a bullet hole in JFK's throat, then everything fell into place for the autopsy surgeons.

At that point, Humes (and also Finck and Boswell) knew that the bullet must have exited at the site of Perry's tracheotomy. Hence, we find these words printed on page 6 of the autopsy report....

"The missile contused the strap muscles of the right side of the neck, damaged the trachea and made its exit through the anterior surface of the neck."

Now, Chris, tell us for the 44th time that the prosectors concluded that the bullet never exited John Fitzgerald Kennedy's body.

Do you think by stating such a blatant and outright falsehood over and over again, it's going to become a fact? I've got news for you--it isn't. And page #6 of the autopsy report provides the proof that you are wrong.

You're putting far too much faith in the Sibert/O'Neill FBI report. Those men did hear the autopsy doctors make certain statements about the bullet not going through JFK's body. But those were early statements, before the doctors had all the facts.

After gathering those additional facts about the trach from Dr. Perry, it was very clear to the Bethesda doctors what had happened -- the bullet entered President Kennedy's back and came out his throat. Simple as that. And that's just exactly what all three of the autopsy doctors concluded in their SIGNED autopsy report.

And nothing you or any other conspiracy-hungry theorist can say will ever change those conclusions that appear on page six of the Humes/Boswell/Finck autopsy report.

David Von Pein
October 2014