(PART 823)


I have NOT said that Oswald couldn't have hid the rifle where it was found. I HAVE said that Oswald COULD NOT have hidden the rifle in the manner it was hidden AFTER the shooting.


Walt, as always, fails to apply even the smallest granule of common sense to his thinking.

The Facts:

#1.) The rifle that was found by Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone on the sixth floor of the TSBD at 1:22 PM CST on 11/22/63 was unquestionably the VERY SAME RIFLE that was used to fire three bullets out of the Sniper's Nest window on 11/22/63 (the bullet shells underneath the window and the bullet fragments found INSIDE THE PRESIDENT'S LIMOUSINE [CE567 and CE569] prove this #1 fact).

#2.) Since #1 above has been proven BEYOND ALL POSSIBLE DOUBT, then we know for certain that SOMEBODY (whether it was Lee Harvey Oswald or not) must have been able to physically place the rifle--AFTER the shooting--in the place where it was ultimately found by Deputy Boone.

#3.) The totality of evidence (laid out HERE) indicates that Lee Harvey Oswald killed both President Kennedy and Police Officer J.D. Tippit.

But instead of accepting the Occam's-like truth that exists within the above three points, kooks like Walt will attempt to dance between the raindrops and invent all sorts of silly scenarios that have no basis in fact whatsoever.

As Bud said, Walt's opinions are meaningless (particularly when weighed against the three things I pointed out above).



Baker and Truly arrived on the sixth floor only a couple of minutes after the shooting. The rifle was hidden beneath boxes of books right at the top of the stairwell and they would have seen anybody who was there hiding the rifle. They saw NOBODY. There wasn't enough time for ANYBODY to hide that rifle beneath those boxes AFTER the shooting.


Walt wants to present this as some sort of insurmountable obstacle so he can pretend other people are responsible for Oswald's crimes.

Here is what Deputy Faulkner said on the day of murder in his report...

"It was apparent that the assassin had run from the window after the shots were fired, had hidden the rifle and ran down the stairway."

What was apparent to people at the scene of the crime at the time eludes Walt decades later.

Walt...prefers to write his own reality. There are spaces between what is in evidence, and retards will always try to cram the fantastic into these spaces. Given a sentence with missing words like...

The [blank] went to the [blank] to get some [blank].

... a normal person might fill in the blanks with "The "man" went to the "store" to get some "milk".

A retard like Walt will compose "The "dragon" went to the "moon" to get some "plutonium". And then swear his sentence makes more sense than any other, and that there is something wrong with anyone who can't see this.


Are you so stupid and bold as to lie that ALL of the people who saw JFK saw NO large wound on the front of his head? They were virtually unanimous in placing the large hole in the BACK of JFK's head....and the autopsy photos show NO damage to the front of JFK's head.


Are you so stupid as to be unaware that there is a film showing him being shot, and that it shows no blowout to the back of his head?

Suddenly you have no faith in what your eyes see, Walt?


Obviously you don't understand how simple it was to trick the gullible Oswald, who thought of himself as James Bond.

The conspirators gave him a role to play in a staged event, while they were playing in a far different game.

Ol James Bond Oswald thought that he was playing the same role he'd played at General Walker's nine months earlier [sic].

At Walker's, he had hid the rifle beneath some brush near Walker's house, then they fired a bullet through Walker's window. They then called the police and pretended that someone had tried to kill Walker. (Walker told reporters that night that it was Kennedy's fault that these communists are running loose. Why did he immediately accuse Kennedy and "communists"? How did he know that a "communist" had fired the shot???)

Oswald thought he was playing the same game. He had no clue that his FBI handler (one of Hoover's "Extra Special" special agents) was orchestrating a far different plot. A plot that would use Oswald as the patsy who had left evidence in his place of employment that incriminated him in the assassination of the president.


Walt = Kook. Beyond ALL doubt.

He'll deny the evidence for as long as it exists--which is forever.

David Von Pein
January 4-5, 2010