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Watching two conspiracy-happy theorists throw mud on each other is quite enjoyable to see at times, such as some of the recent battles between Josiah Thompson and Jim Fetzer at The Education Forum, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Thompson wins each round, but only because nobody in the world can rival Dr. Fetzer in the "Kookiest Of The Conspiracy Kooks" category, whether it be this year or any other year.

I particularly enjoyed the strained logic of Dr. Fetzer during one portion of his persistent argument in favor of the Zapruder Film having been altered, with Fetzer apparently thinking that during the very brief 1.6-second interval when Jean Hill and Mary Moorman are visible in Mr. Zapruder's home movie, ALL of the following things should be seen in the Z-Film:

"I advance an 11-page study of Jean's [Hill] interview with Len Osanic and thereby establish a convergence in her testimony with that of Mary Moorman, which not only indicates they were in the street at the same time but that, if the Zapruder [Film] were authentic, it would show (a) Mary handing her photos to Jean, (b) Jean coating them with fixative, (c) the limo moving to the left (toward them), (d) Mary and Jean both stepping off the curb and into the street, (e) Jean calling out, "Mr. President!" and all that, (f) Mary taking her picture, (g) both stepping back onto the grass, (h) Mary getting down and tugging at Jean's leg, but (i) Jean remaining upright, because she didn't think they would shoot her, none of which is shown in the film."
-- James H. Fetzer; March 27, 2009

Hilarious stuff there, Dr. Fetzer!

For those who want the exact statistics on this, here they are:

Assassination eyewitnesses Jean Hill and Mary Moorman first become visible in Abraham Zapruder's home movie in frame #287, when the right half of Hill's body comes into view:

The very last frame that shows any portion of either of the two women is frame 316, which is a frame that depicts a very small part of Moorman's left arm:

This means that the two ladies are visible (either individually or together) for a total of only 30 frames of the Zapruder Film (inclusively; Z287 through Z316), which in "real time" equals 1.639 seconds.

But Jim Fetzer, incredibly, seems to think that an unaltered version of the Zapruder movie should show ALL of the events he mentioned above--even the post-assassination event of Moorman tugging on Hill's coat or leg (as Mary encourages Jean to get down on the ground to avoid the gunfire, which is an event that obviously did not occur until Mr. Zapruder had panned his camera further to his right and well out of the view of either of the two women).

Does Dr. Fetzer believe that the "real" and "unaltered" Zapruder Film is focused on Jean and Mary for more than just 1.64 seconds? Fetzer must certainly believe that is the case, because otherwise how could ALL of his laundry list of Hill's and Moorman's actions have possibly been captured in just 1.64 seconds by the CONSTANTLY PANNING motion of Mr. Zapruder's Bell & Howell camera?

There's only one truly accurate word to describe such nonsensical and impossible beliefs on the part of James H. Fetzer --- Crazy!

David Von Pein
January 8, 2010