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Historian David R. Wrone...reviewed just one small part of Bugliosi's brief---on the Tippit murder---and found little merit in his scholarship or reasoning. .... Wrone was scathing in his criticism of Bugliosi.


A 5-year-old could have solved the Tippit murder. Given the evidence, there's no human way for Lee Harvey Oswald to be innocent of killing Officer J.D. Tippit.

The only thing that conspiracy theorists can cling to in the Tippit murder case is their own silly imaginations -- such as when they pretend that all of the evidence against LHO was faked or manipulated by the evil DPD, which is a theory that's so ridiculous that another 5-year-old could see that it's nothing but pure desperation on the part of the conspiracists in their feeble attempts to exonerate a murderer named Oswald.

There's not a single conspiracy theorist in the world who can logically (and believably) answer the following question:

Why on Earth would the Dallas Police Department have had any desire whatsoever to want to frame and railroad an innocent Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of one of their FELLOW OFFICERS AND FRIENDS, all the while not caring at all that they were allowing the real killer or killers of Officer Tippit to get off scot-free?

Oswald murdered Tippit. And Oswald murdered John F. Kennedy too.

Conspiracy theorists have their imaginations and crazy assertions about Humes and Boswell altering JFK's body with lightning-like speed at Bethesda before the autopsy started.

Reasonable people, however, have the hard evidence, including the autopsy photos and X-rays, which are items that almost 20 people on the HSCA's Photographic Panel concluded had not been altered "in any manner":

"The evidence indicates that the autopsy photographs and X-rays were taken of President Kennedy at the time of his autopsy and that they had not been altered in any manner." -- HSCA; VOLUME 7; PAGE 41

David Von Pein
December 18, 2009 [This source link is no longer available.]