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[Abraham] Zapruder says he heard a shot, he saw the President slump forward in his seat, then he heard as many as three or four more shots.


You'd better watch that WFAA-TV interview with Abraham Zapruder again. Because you have mangled Mr. Z's statements, big-time.

Zapruder told Jay Watson and the live WFAA audience that he heard TWO OR THREE total shots...certainly NOT four or five as you are claiming.

Zapruder did say he "heard a shot" and then "the President slumped, like this" [while demonstrating a slumping motion].

But then Zapruder said: "Then I heard one or two more shots, I couldn't tell if it was one or two, and I saw the President's head practically open up."

As Zapruder says the words "open up", he's placing his right hand over the front-right portion of his own head, indicating where he saw a large wound (which is just exactly what we see on the Zapruder Film as well).

Here's a still image from the WFAA interview, showing where Zapruder placed the head wound:

In addition, Mr. Zapruder didn't "change his story" between November 22 and the time he gave his Warren Commission testimony exactly eight months (to the day) later.

He told the Warren Commission this.....

"I thought I heard two [gunshots], it could be three, because to my estimation I thought he [President Kennedy] was hit on the second--I really don't know. The whole thing that has been transpiring--it was very upsetting and as you see I got a little better all the time and this came up again and it to me looked like the second shot, but I don't know. I never even heard a third shot." -- Abraham Zapruder; July 22, 1964