(PART 813)


The mentality of "Lone Assassin" believers is normally this one:

Dismiss stupid stuff that has no basis in fact whatsoever.

But the average mentality of a lot of conspiracy theorists is this one:

Accept ALL unfounded rumors and hunks of speculation regarding the murders of JFK, J.D. Tippit, and Lee Harvey Oswald, regardless of origin and regardless of how silly and stupid-sounding these rumors happen to be.

Great case in point being: The backyard photographs of Oswald.

I don't think I'm wrong in saying that even a majority of CTers today will readily admit that, in their mind, ONE of the backyard photos can be considered a legitimate, real photo of Lee Oswald that was taken with LHO's Imperial Reflex camera in the Neely St. backyard sometime in early 1963.

But then what do most of those same CTers proceed to do? --- They toss their common sense out the nearest window and proceed to talk about how the remaining backyard pics are NOT legit and have been "faked", "forged", "manufactured", etc.

But in order to believe that one of the pictures is the real McCoy, while at the same time believing the remainder of the photos are fraudulent in some manner, a conspiracy theorist has to believe that the people who were plotting to set up and frame Lee Harvey Oswald for JFK's murder would have felt the need to fake ADDITIONAL PICTURES, which depict something (LHO in the Neely St. backyard holding guns and Russian newspapers) that was already depicted in a REAL AND LEGITIMATE PHOTOGRAPH.

And when confronted with the logical question of "WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO CREATE FAKE PICTURES OF SOMETHING THAT ALREADY EXISTS IN REAL AND LEGIT FORM?", it seems that most CTers clam up and have no answer. (Which isn't surprising actually, because there is no logical answer to explain such silliness.)

Or, just maybe, the following scenario is one that could be purported by CTers who still want to pretend that some of the backyard pictures are frauds (even though they will readily admit that the one picture that was linked to Oswald's camera via its negative IS, indeed, a legit photograph):

1.) Marina Oswald took one "legitimate" picture of her husband, Lee, in the Neely backyard on or around March 31, 1963.

2.) The evil conspirators, who were attempting to frame poor schnook Lee Oswald in the months leading up to JFK's November visit to Texas, then faked multiple pictures purportedly showing their patsy in the Neely backyard -- but these conspirators did this WITHOUT EVEN BEING AWARE THAT A REAL AND GENUINE PHOTO OF THEIR "PATSY" WAS TAKEN BY MARINA!

3.) And it just so happens, by pure chance and coincidence, that the FAKE pictures perfectly match the one REAL picture taken by Marina in the very same backyard setting....right down to every detail, with LHO holding a bolt-action rifle and wearing a pistol on his hip and holding two Russian newspapers and wearing black clothing and the sun shining brightly almost directly overhead, etc., etc.

Maybe that's the answer, huh? The plotters just got very lucky when their fake pictures just happened to identically match the one real photo snapped by Marina.

And then those same plotters, on 11/22/63, apparently (per many conspiracists) got very lucky yet again when their insane plan of attempting to frame a single patsy named Oswald by firing various guns at JFK's car from several different directions yielded the following autopsy results:

"The deceased died as a result of two perforating gunshot wounds inflicted by high velocity projectiles. .... The projectiles were fired from a point behind and somewhat above the level of the deceased." -- FROM PAGE 6 OF JFK'S OFFICIAL AUTOPSY REPORT [Warren Report; Pg. 543]

Conspiracists who favor any type of theory that has multiple gunmen HITTING John F. Kennedy with rifle bullets from more than one gun must certainly admit that those multiple gunmen sure as heck got mighty lucky when JFK's three autopsy surgeons attached their signatures to the document that contains the above paragraph.

After all, a MULTI-GUN, ONE-PATSY assassination plot like the one that a vast majority of conspiracy theorists seem to think was pulled off in Dealey Plaza in November '63 is the type of insane and needlessly reckless plot that you don't see many people/plotters get away with every day of the week.

And just think....per some CTers, James Files GOT AWAY WITH MURDERING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, but then (many years later) he decided he wanted to GET THE CREDIT for murdering the President, instead of basking forever in the secure knowledge that he had actually killed JFK and gotten away scot-free.

Go figure that mindset.

David Von Pein
December 7, 2009