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Can you SEE those two parallel lines on the right-hand side of the so-called palm print????


Yes, I can see the lines in the picture. But, overall, Warren Commission Exhibit No. 637 is a horrible photo. I can't see any of the Oswald palmprint at all:

But I'm certainly not going to declare CE637 a fake or a fraud because I cannot SEE the print in question. Lt. J.C. Day and Sebastian Latona CONFIRMED FOR ALL TIME that CE637 is a photo of Oswald's right palmprint. And Lt. Day confirmed that he lifted that print off of the metal barrel of the C2766 rifle after he removed the wooden stock.

And your silly theory about the "parallel lines" certainly does nothing to trump Lt. Day's testimony. After all, it was DAY (not a conspiracy theorist named Walt) who actually lifted the print seen in CE637.

And, as I said, CE637 is a really, really crappy photo. And so is CE639 (which is another photo of the palmprint, except #639 has the print circled).

BTW, the circled print in CE639 is located pretty much completely to the LEFT of the "parallel lines" that you, Walt, like to continually talk about.

And inasmuch as CE637 and CE639 are so terrible (clarity-wise) so that we cannot actually see where Oswald's print begins and where it ends (within the confines of the circled area), it's not possible to say for sure exactly WHERE within the circle the print is precisely located. And it's also not possible to say for certain what the "parallel lines" represent.

Also, btw, there are more than just two "parallel lines" visible in CE637 and CE639. There are also some lines above the "two" that you're obviously talking about, Walt. I don't know whether that fact alters your theory about the print being taken off of the wood of the rifle instead of the metal part. But I wouldn't trust a thing uttered by a nut like you anyway, so it doesn't really matter if those extra "parallel lines" weaken or bolster your conspiracy theory.

As Bud has asked (rhetorically) in the past:

Who should be believed -- the experts in their fields or a bunch of conspiracy-happy nuts (like Walt C.)?

Call me madcap--but that's not a real tough choice to make.

In the final analysis regarding this matter:

Walt doesn't know exactly what those "parallel lines" represent. How can he know for certain? He can't. Therefore, Walt's analysis of those "lines" on CE637 is meaningless (especially when compared with the testimony of the FINGERPRINT EXPERTS named Day and Latona--particularly Lt. Day).

And since Walt will forever reside in the "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy club, it's a good bet that anything Walt says about ANYTHING in this case will be an idea designed to promote his "ABO" stance.

Heck, Walt can't even figure out that Oswald shot President Kennedy with a gun on November 22nd, 1963. And that fact couldn't be more crystal clear, even to most conspiracy theorists (as ABC News proved in its 2003 assassination poll):


"Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald was the only gunman in the Kennedy assassination, do you think there was another gunman in addition to Oswald there that day, or do you think Oswald was not involved in the assassination at all?".....

ONLY OSWALD ----------- 32%
ANOTHER GUNMAN ------- 51%
NO OPINION ------------- 10%

David Von Pein
January 2, 2010