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I love getting conspiracy theorist Rob Caprio all wound up. It's fun seeing the kookshit streaming from his keyboard like water over Niagara.

Let me just highlight the choice tidbits of utter insanity written by Robert Caprio, culled from this Usenet newsgroup message dated January 30th, 2008. These tidbits should be sent to Ripley's Museum, to be placed in the display case marked "Did that kook actually have the gonads to utter this shit?":


>>> "You have NO evidence or proof." <<<


LOL right off the bat. I'm sure Rob will only get funnier. Let's see.

>>> "Prove it. .... You have NO proof or evidence. I have to keep reminding all the readers out there of this simple fact." <<<

Yep. Even funnier indeed.

>>> "Your long-winded posts NEVER have ANY real evidence in
them!" <<<

And as we all know by now, only people who believe in a JFK "conspiracy" have any "real evidence". Right, Robert C.?

>>> "Prove it was [Lee Harvey Oswald's] gun! I have seen NO proof from you or the WC." <<<

That's probably because you're an "Anybody But Oswald" idiot. (Ya think?)

>>> "IF [Oswald] ordered a rifle at all, and this is highly suspect, it was a 36-inch rifle, yet they found a 40.2-inch rifle!!" <<<

I think it's quite possible that Klein's Sporting Goods of Chicago didn't always mail the EXACT rifle that was ordered via their various magazine ads to the customer. It's quite possible that on occasion they had to substitute slightly-different models for the ones pictured in the advertisements.

I believe this might have been the case with Lee Harvey Oswald's order for his "Italian Carbine". The ad said one dimension for the rifle, but Klein's sent a slightly-different version of the gun.

If I recall correctly, I also think that other researchers looking into this matter have said that Klein's was, indeed, running low on their stock of 36-inch Carcanos at about the time of Oswald's order in March.

So it seems reasonable to think that it's quite possible that Klein's just simply ran out of the 36-inch version of the weapon and sent LHO a 40-inch model instead. Klein's definitely did carry and sell BOTH a 36-inch Carcano rifle and a 40-inch MC variant during the calendar year of 1963.

In any case, it's quite obvious that Lee Oswald (using his alias "A. Hidell") WAS indeed shipped a Model 91/38 Mannlicher-Carcano Italian carbine (i.e., rifle) in March of '63 by Klein's Sporting Goods of Chicago, Illinois.

But, evidently, to a suspicious "ABO" kook like Robby, this slight 4-inch discrepancy in the rifle length MUST mean that Oswald received NO RIFLE AT ALL from Klein's in March 1963.

Go figure kooks.

>>> "Why NO prints of [Oswald's] on the rifle?" <<<

There were prints of Ozzie's on the rifle. But you just want to dismiss this evidence. Like always.

But the fact that you dismiss the LHO palmprint doesn't mean it wasn't found by J.C. Day and appropriately preserved...because it was. Your denials regarding this evidence couldn't possibly matter less.

>>> "There is NO proof LHO ever owned [Mannlicher-Carcano rifle #C2766]." <<<

There's tons of proof that LHO owned Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle #C2766. Your denials regarding this evidence couldn't possibly matter less.

>>> "The ID of LHO for the J.D. Tippit murder was a joke." <<<

Yeah, we LNers could only prove LHO guilty of that murder if there had been 14 different witnesses in the area. Instead, we LNers have only got 13 (or pert-near that number, counting the Patton Ave. people).

Damn! One shy of the kook requirement!

And Oswald's guilt could only be proven (ballistically) if we had FIVE bullet shells linked conclusively to LHO's revolver. Instead, we've only got four (sad to say).

Again, one item short of the "LHO Did It" Promised Land!

>>> "You've got nothing." <<<

Don't you ever get tired of revealing your ignorance in public? You'd think you would, especially after three-plus months of your kind of tripe. But, I guess not. Continue, kook....

>>> "You LNers amaze me each day with your naiveness." <<<

CTers are amazed by the strangest things, aren't they?

>>> "[David Von Pein] believes in sending people to the gas chamber with NO proof; and [per DVP's spot-on accurate appraisal] I'm the kook. Go figure." <<<

I would have preferred the hangman's noose or the firing squad for Oswald. Gas would have been too dignified for his double-murdering ass.

>>> "I'm well aware of the evidence. The killer used an automatic pistol [to plug J.D. Tippit]. He then pulled out a standard revolver and made a show of throwing shell casings out into the air to be seen." <<<

Another LOL moment here I see. Don't ya just love it when a kook decides ON HIS OWN what the real evidence in a murder case is going to be? Pa-thet-ic.

>>> "The problem for the WC, and clueless people like you, is the [Tippit] shells were from a standard .38 pistol, yet LHO's was refitted and was .38 special." <<<

More ignorance (or lies) from Robby-boy here. None of the four shells found at 10th and Patton on 11/22/63 were "Standard" shells. They were all clearly marked "38 Special". [See 7 HSCA 408, Figure 36C.]

Why you think otherwise is a mystery. But, then too, most CTers like you have a unique way of mangling the verified evidence so that it appears to be exactly the opposite from the truth.

Your "pathetic" stature grows with each passing lie/misrepresentation that comes out of your mouth.

>>> "Neither [Barbara Davis nor Virginia Davis] ID'd LHO." <<<

Right on cue. Another outright falsity. In fact, this might be your most blatant lie to date.

Back to the actual facts now:

BOTH Davis girls (Barbara and Virginia) positively identified the man they saw dumping bullet shells in their yard as Lee Harvey Oswald....and any halfwit knows this.

But somehow Rob doesn't seem to be aware of this most basic of facts.


>>> "The key here is they [Barbara and Virginia Davis] saw a "man", they never said LHO." <<<

More lies--or ignorance--from our resident nuthatch. I wonder why Robert just doesn't read the Warren Commission witness transcripts of Barbara Davis and Virginia Davis to see what they each said?

Even though he'll toss every last sentence within those transcripts out the window (because a kook can never take the WC and its witnesses at face value), Rob can prove to himself that his last idiotic declaration ("THEY NEVER SAID LHO") is a bald-face lie.

Even the 11/22/63 affidavits filled out and signed under oath by Barbara Davis and Virginia Davis indicate it was Oswald, for Pete sake. (Both affidavits say "the #2 man" in the police line-up, that is. And who was that "#2 man" in the line-up? Lee Harvey Oswald. That's who.)

And then there's this from Virginia Davis' 1964 Warren Commission session:

VIRGINIA DAVIS -- "The boy that was known as Lee Harvey Oswald shot J.D. Tippit."

And this via Barbara Davis' WC testimony:

JOE BALL -- "Did you recognize anyone in that room?"

BARBARA DAVIS -- "Yes, sir. I recognized number 2. .... I thought number 2 was the man that I saw." ....

BALL -- "By number 2, was the man you saw the man you saw doing what?"

DAVIS -- "Unloading the gun."

BALL -- "And going across your yard?"

DAVIS -- "Yes, sir."

>>> "Where do they say LHO was the "man" they saw? I must have missed it." <<<

You miss a lot of things. (I think your brain is in Tulsa someplace. Better check the lost-and-found there.)

>>> "Only one person [Helen Markham] would testify she ID'd LHO [as Tippit's killer]." <<<

Only if you want to toss out (because you're a kook) the positive "Oswald IDs" made by Scoggins, Davis, Davis, Callaway, Guinyard, Patterson, and Brock [among others].

Any particular reason why those seven positive IDs of LHO need to be trashed (other than the fact you're a freakin' moron and an "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy clown)?

>>> "None beyond Markham ever say under oath it was LHO they
saw." <<<

Bullshit. I'll again remind the kook of these words spoken by Virginia Davis (via her under-oath WC testimony) --- "The boy that was known as Lee Harvey Oswald shot J.D. Tippit".

Let me guess -- Virginia doesn't count. Right, kook?

>>> "In fact, several say they don't remember Markham being there at the time of the shooting!!" <<<

Great. Now the kook is going to try to argue that Helen Markham wasn't even AT the Tippit murder scene.

Lovely. But typical Kook Think.

>>> "NOT one witness positively ID'd LHO as the shooter of JDT,
period." <<<

I love it when a kook gives me several openings within the very same forum post with which to expose his astounding idiocy concerning the basic facts of the case:

"The boy that was known as Lee Harvey Oswald shot J.D. Tippit." -- Virginia Davis; Warren Commission Testimony; April 2, 1964

Let me guess -- Virginia's testimony doesn't count. Right, Robby? She didn't actually SEE Oswald pulling the trigger and killing Officer Tippit; therefore, I suppose (per your basic rules of insanity/conspiracy), we're forced to think that Oswald really DIDN'T shoot Tippit; he was merely in the area with a gun and was unloading that gun immediately after somebody ELSE murdered the policeman. Right, Mr. Kook?

>>> "NO ONE counts entrance and exit wounds as separate wounds, Einstein." <<<

Roy Kellerman did, Einstein. That's obvious.

Why is it obvious?

Because John F. Kennedy DID, indeed, have just "four wounds" (i.e., bullet holes) in his body. And two of those holes were determined at autopsy to positively be EXIT holes for the bullets that entered on the other side of those exits.


>>> "NO ONE counts entrance and exit wounds as separate wounds." <<<

So, do you now want to purport that Kennedy was hit by FOUR bullets? Is that it, Einstein? And zero of these four missiles exited his body at all? No "exit" holes were present on JFK's body whatsoever? Is that correct?

Or do you want to believe that JFK had many additional holes in his body from these four bullets that hit him? But, somehow, these extra holes just didn't show up in the photographs and were never reported (or were just missed) by the three autopsists at Bethesda?

Maybe the X-rays of JFK somehow managed to completely miss the FOUR bullets that went into President Kennedy and failed to exit, huh?

Or maybe the X-rays were all fakes?

Or maybe Humes, et al, were all liars?

(Go with those latter two choices, Rob. Being a kook, you no doubt shall.)

>>> "A phony call went out over the police radio calling everyone to the Marsalis library for a possible suspect." <<<

Oh goodie! Something else that's considered "phony" by a conspiracy nut.

As my very able and astute LN cohort Bud likes to say on occasion (paraphrasing here) --- What could possibly matter less than the unsupportable opinions of a conspiracy-loving kook?

David Von Pein
January 2008