(PART 143)


>>> "I love how the day [Lee Harvey Oswald] allegedly brings a rifle to work the President passes right below his window. How convenient for a would-be assassin who can't drive." <<<


Yeah, imagine Oswald actually having planned out something like that--i.e., actually knowing that he'd need a rifle (or some such similar weapon) with
which to shoot the President as he drove by the building on Friday.

Versus the fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants type of assassination plan
which would have had Oswald utilizing an apple from somebody's lunch
box and an empty Dr. Pepper bottle with which to try and kill the

haphazard type of plan, Oswald (using the
aforementioned apple and/or soda-pop bottle) would perform a wind-up,
like a baseball pitcher, and fire his best fastball in the direction of JFK's
limousine as it passed by the building....in the hopes of striking the
President a fatal blow to the head (or other bodily part that got in the
way of Oswald's deadly apple blast).

Tell us again, Rob, why it was unusual for assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
to have toted a rifle into the Depository on the day he knew the
President was going to be driving by the building?

Should Oz have waited until the following MONDAY, perhaps, to carry
his rifle to work--instead of taking it there on the day he was going
to need it to murder his prey?

(I seem to be short a "DUH!" icon here. And, man-baby, I really need
one of those things now!)

>>> "[Bonnie Ray] Williams did NOT vacate [the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository] until 12:20 and testified he saw NO one when he left, so the earliest LHO could have come back was 12:21 or 12:22 p.m." <<<

Once more, we have a conspiracy-loving kook placing more exactitude on
"times" than can actually be placed on such things. Williams' "12:20"
statement was an "estimate"....a mere "approximation"....and everybody
knows it. Even Williams, himself, knew it was only an approximated
time estimate...and he even said so, in just those words:

BONNIE RAY WILLIAMS -- "It was after I had left the sixth floor, after I had eaten the chicken sandwich. I finished the chicken sandwich maybe 10 or 15 minutes after 12. I could say approximately what time it was."

JOSEPH BALL -- "Approximately what time was it?"

WILLIAMS -- "Approximately 12:20, maybe."


Worth an instant replay:

"Approximately 12:20, maybe." -- Bonnie Ray Williams

Williams even added a "maybe" in there too...which additionally makes
Williams' timeline testimony fall into the "estimated" category all
the more.

But to CTers, the "12:20" is rooted in fact, as if the precise moment
when Bonnie Ray Williams vacated the sixth floor on 11/22/63 had been
noted by the Naval Observatory or NORAD or something.



>>> "Williams did NOT vacate [the TSBD's 6th Floor] until 12:20 and testified he saw NO one when he left, so the earliest LHO could have come back was 12:21 or 12:22 p.m." <<<

Oswald was probably already hiding in the Sniper's Nest the entire
time that Williams was on the sixth floor. Williams, as I verified via
his testimony linked previously (and re-posted below), said he could
not see the eastern part of the 6th Floor, due to the high stacks of
boxes that blocked his line of sight.

So Oswald could very well have already been hiding in his makeshift
"Nest", and almost certainly was hiding there, while Williams ate his
"chicken-on-the-bone sandwich" [proverbial LOL]. .....

"Well, at the time I couldn't see too much of the sixth floor, because the books at the time were stacked so high. I could see only in the path that I was standing--as I remember, I could not possibly see anything to the east side of the building." -- Bonnie Ray Williams

>>> "The FBI said it took 6-7 minutes to assemble the rifle, so we are looking at one minute or two tops to sight the scope, oh sorry it was hanging off, and get ready for the limo. Very unlikely." <<<

Read my Timeline post again. You skipped a few things. There was
enough time for Oswald to assemble his rifle in private, without
Williams (or Givens) having to get in the way of Ozzie's task.

And, again, you're placing way too much importance on the approximate
times given by witnesses. None of the times stated by any witnesses
that we've been talking about today are firmly rooted in concrete, and
that's very important to always keep in mind. (But CTers, as usual, never
seem to want to keep it in mind.)


>>> "How did the shells get in a neat little row?" <<<

They were never ever in a "neat little row". That's Liar "7.65" Craig
talking. And (naturally) you believe Roger Craig over this documented
photograph of the shells in the Sniper's Nest:

Another of the many "fake" pictures connected to this case, right Rob?

Any chance of you proving that the above picture does NOT represent
the three cartridge cases as they were when first discovered in the
Sniper's Nest on 11/22/63?

Didn't think you could.

>>> "What happened to the bag, because the man who discovered the nest, Officer Mooney, did not see it as he never mentions it in his report or inventory log?" <<<

So? Other officers who were ALSO there at approximately the same time
DID see the empty paper bag in the Sniper's Nest (J.C. Day and Robert
Studebaker [and L.D. Montgomery]). Are they [all] liars, while Mooney is
the truth-teller?

And why wasn't Mooney told to lie his way out of this "bag" situation,
btw? Apparently Day and Studebaker [and Montgomery] got the "WE'RE
ALL FRAMING OSWALD TODAY" memo on November 22nd.

I wonder why the sheriff's deputies (like Mooney and Weitzman and
Craig) were left out of the Police Liar's Club, and were left to tell the
whole truth of what happened that day?

Kinda strange, wasn't it?

>>> "[Lee Harvey Oswald] was a master wiper, as there were NO prints left on the rifle." <<<

Lookie, ma! The kook's dead-wrong again!

>>> "The [Tippit] shooting occured between 1:06 and 1:10 p.m. Witness testimony shows it could not have been later, but the WC will just decide to change the timeline to fit their needs." <<<

Seeing as how we KNOW beyond every single shred of a doubt that Lee
Oswald was Tippit's killer, the timeline witnesses are meaningless,
regardless of what time they said the shooting occurred.

Incredibly, CT-Kooks like Rob are willing to let Ozzie go free based
on a measly 240 seconds in real time. We're only talking about a four-
minute differential here (between Bowley's 1:10 timeline and 1:14,
which is the moment when the shooting most likely occurred, based on
the DPD Radio logs and Dale Myers' extensive research on the Tippit

If you'll look at the testimony and affidavits of various Dealey Plaza
witnesses, I think you'll find that some witnesses said that President
Kennedy was shot at a time other than when we know the assassination
took place (which was precisely 12:30).

Do those slight timeline discrepancies mean that JFK was REALLY shot
at a time other than 12:30 PM?

Answer -- of course not.

That's not a perfect parallel to the Oswald/Tippit scenario over on
Tenth Street, but the main point here is that people generally do not
judge EXACT times very well. There are almost always discrepancies in
such testimony.

And there are so many varying factors and potential "timeline"
differences that could enter into the scenario surrounding Oswald's
activities following the assassination at 12:30.

Such as:

We can't possibly know with 100% certainty how fast or slow Oswald was
walking and/or running at ANY point in time after he departed the TSBD
at approx. 12:33 PM on November 22. All times regarding LHO's
movements are, therefore, just approximations. There is no way around
this fact.

And we can't know with 100% certainty just exactly how long it took
cab driver William W. Whaley to transport Oswald from the bus station
to Neely & Beckley in Oak Cliff that Friday.

Whaley estimated his run, and he re-enacted it on multiple occasions
(for the FBI/WC and for the United Artists "Four Days In November"
movie-making crew in 1964), but it's still not possible to know how
many minutes (exactly) it took Whaley to make that trip on 11/22/63.
It's an estimate. Period.

And we also have to rely on the testimony of just ONE single witness
(Earlene Roberts) when it comes to the timeline issue of when Oswald
entered his roominghouse on Beckley on the afternoon of the assassination
(and the issue of how long LHO stayed in his crackerbox-sized room after entering that residence on Beckley Avenue, which I maintain was an amount
of time that was much less than Mrs. Roberts' stated "3 to 4 minutes").

ANY of the above timeline issues, when utilizing an ordinary amount of
common sense plus the proverbial and always-present "plus-or-minus"
factor, could easily accommodate the "OSWALD KILLED J.D. TIPPIT"

And, based on the fact we do know Oswald killed Tippit via all kinds
of witness and ballistics proof, it's fairly obvious that mere
timeline discrepancies alone cannot and will not exonerate Mr.
Oswald. Period.

>>> "No one said it was LHO based on his face." <<<

Oh yeah, that's right! All of those Tippit witnesses (approx. a dozen
in total) positively identified the man they saw as Lee Harvey Oswald
based on looking at the killer's shoes and socks. I forgot about that.
Thanks for reminding me, Robert.

Thank God we have Robert Caprio to straighten these things out for us
weak-minded LNers.

>>> "[Johnny Calvin] Brewer sounds like a LNer, as he can tell who is an assassin by "funny" and "scared" looks." <<<

Brewer didn't know for sure whether or not Oswald was an "assassin" when he observed LHO on Jefferson Boulevard on November 22nd. Why you're jumping to this conclusion must be another hint as to why you're the ABO [Anybody But Oswald] Mega-Kook you currently are (or are pretending to be, at any rate).

Brewer had his suspicions about the man who appeared in his storefront looking "scared" and "running" and "funny", yes. His suspicions turned out to be spot-on accurate ones too.

So, I suppose you'd now like to label Mr. Brewer (a true unsung hero
on 11/22/63 if you want my opinion about him) as one of the
"conspirators" in your make-believe assassination plot too...huh Rob?

Why not? After all, per CTers, it would seem that the vast majority of
the population of Dallas, New Orleans, and Washington were out to nail
this schnook named Oswald....so why not shoe salesman Johnny Brewer
too? Throw in theater cashier Julia Postal too while you're at it. It
was her phone call which directly led to LHO's capture, so she surely
can't be any ol' innocent bystander. Right?

Don't disappoint me. Show me your true Kook Stripes here, Rob. I'm due
for my daily belly-laugh.

[Excising remainder of Rob's normal pro-conspiracy mush. My stomach
can only handle so much poppycock from Robby in a single session. And
my Kook Kapacity has been reached for this post. Thanks Robby. And
keep searching for those make-believe assassins. In the year 2525--"if
man is still alive"--perhaps one of your future relatives will finally
unearth one of the real culprits.]

David Von Pein
February 2008