(PART 156)


>>> "The shift report [made out by Emory Roberts] reflects what was supposed to happen." <<<


But not what you seem to think was "supposed to happen", Tony, because you seem to think, via your previous posts on this topic, that Roberts assigned [Secret Service agent Henry] Rybka to a right-side RUNNING BOARD position on the Queen Mary SS follow-up Cadillac, instead of Rybka being (mistakenly) assigned, per Roberts' report, to the CENTER OF THE REAR SEAT.

Would you care to now change your theory regarding Agent Rybka being assigned a running-board slot on QM on 11/22/63, Tony?

>>> "And it's still very likely that a grassy knoll shooter could (and would) have killed the President, even with extra SS agents being in Dealey Plaza and even with an agent riding on the back bumper on JFK's side of SS-100-X at precisely 12:31 PM." <<<

Ahhh, the mysterious Grassy Knoll assassin rears his (invisible!) head once more. Nice, Tony. Nice.

Too bad that you think that JFK had "no hole" at all in the back of his head. Odd that a Grassy Knoll shooter could hit JFK in the head from the Knoll and produce "no hole" at all in the BOH.

And on top of that hunk of amazing shooting, the bullet fired by this invented Grassy Knoll shooter ALSO managed to produce no hole or damage to the LEFT side of JFK's head (or brain) whatsoever.

That was one incredible job of killing the President from a GK position, Tony. The killer became invisible. His bullet became undetectable in JFK's body. And the bullet that killed Kennedy somehow produced no damage to President Kennedy's head whatsoever.

Now who's got a Magic Bullet?

Tony, please tell us (if you haven't already) how the Grassy Knoll shooter's bullet hit JFK in the head and produced no wounds to Kennedy's head at all? (Tell us just for the laughs, mind you.)

>>> "President Kennedy pointed out just that morning how easy it would be." <<<

And Jack was 100% right too. For, Oswald's feat WAS relatively easy. And it was pulled off by Lee Harvey Oswald, alone, without the need for any extra shooters firing from Grassy Knolls.

David Von Pein
March 2008