(PART 154)


>>> "Empty cartridges being tied to a gun means nothing if you can't show the bullets that were in them were the reason for the death or wounding. Those bullets could have been fired into a wall two weeks earlier, you have NO proof. The D.A. can certainly go to court with this very weak evidence, but good luck with that." <<<


There's nothing like being a conspiracy kook who loves to isolate stuff,
is there Robert?

Isolating selected pieces of evidence is a CTer's problem a lot of
the time....with your statement above being a perfect example of this
problem (or, in this instance, it could be called mere silliness).


1.) Lee Harvey Oswald was seen firing a gun at Tippit on 10th St. by
multiple witnesses (Rob will now come back and claim that ONLY Markham
saw the actual shooting and IDed Oswald; naturally, he'll be
wrong...as per usual, of course).

2.) Oswald was also seen by multiple witnesses (Davis, Davis, and
Benavides) SHAKING SHELLS FROM A REVOLVER (and it can't be an
"automatic", btw, because if it were there'd be no reason to shake the
shells out of the gun).

3.) Those 4 shells on the ground dumped by Oswald himself were found
and picked up by the above-mentioned THREE different witnesses (Davis,
Davis, Benavides).

4.) Those 4 shells were linked to Oswald's own .38 revolver "to the

5.) No other gunmen were seen on 10th Street other than Lee Oswald.
(Utilizing Acquilla Clemons' account of seeing two men at the scene
of the crime won't cut the ice either. She didn't see the actual
shooting itself; she saw the aftermath. The closest witnesses to the
shooting confirm there was only ONE person with a gun--and that one
person was Lee Harvey Oswald. Period.)

6.) Oswald, when arrested, had on him a Smith & Wesson .38 Special
revolver that was the gun that was positively shown to have ejected
the fours shells that littered 10th Street in Oak Cliff on 11/22/63.

7.) The four bullets (slugs) removed from the dead body of 39-year-
old, 11-year DPD veteran J.D. Tippit were mutilated to the point where
the FBI could not make a definitive determination as to whether the
bullets had been fired through Oswald's S&W .38 revolver or not.

But independent firearms expert Joseph D. Nicol of Illinois did say
that it was his belief, based on his examination of those same 4
bullets, that one of the 4 bullets had sufficient striations and
markings on it so that it could be said to have positively come from
LHO's gun.


Now, to a reasonable person examining all seven of the above points of
evidence concerning the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit, the only possible
conclusion that can be reached is: Lee Harvey Oswald, using his own revolver, shot Officer Tippit four times.

But, to a CT-Isolationist (aka: a kook), the above seven points
(somehow) add up to NO EVIDENCE at all leading to Lee Oswald's guilt
in the Tippit murder. With a CTer like Robby, instead, deciding to
isolate #7 from the remainder of the items listed above.

And by performing this isolating act, and removing the item from the
large SUM TOTAL of obvious "LHO Is Guilty" evidence, the conspiracy
clown thinks he can claim a CT victory and go home (evidently).

But unfortunately for the kook, the OTHER SIX POINTS AREN'T GOING TO
SUDDENLY VANISH. Those items of evidence are still there in the mix
too, despite a kook's attempts to ignore or skew them beyond recognition.

David Von Pein
February 2008