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You admit [Vincent Bugliosi] is totally clueless about the back wound, when he agrees with Baden that it was below the throat wound. When he turns around and embraces that an autopsy photo studied by Baden and the HSCA FPP shows it to be above the throat wound, however, you assert he saw the light, even though this finding is in opposition to the findings of the HSCA and those much more qualified than him to make reach such a conclusion.


Mr. Bugliosi positively goofed on "Reclaiming History" Pages 423 and 424 (regarding the anatomical location of JFK's upper-back wound in relation to the throat wound)....and I fully point out this error (in some depth) in my review of the book, RIGHT HERE.

But VB's error (or what I certainly THINK is an error by Vince regarding that sub-topic of JFK's back/neck wounds, unless I'm just stupid myself and unable to figure out the point VB was trying to put across) doesn't totally TRASH the remainder of the book's lone-assassin conclusions, for Pete sake.

A slight error or a piece of muddled writing doesn't suddenly ERASE the Mount Everest of evidence which hangs Lee Harvey Oswald as the only assassin.

I really have no idea what Vince was thinking (and still don't) when he, seemingly, argues in favor of BOTH a higher AND a lower "anatomical" back-wound location on JFK's back in relation to the throat wound. Pages 423 and 424 of "Reclaiming History" are still a mystery to me (and I've read them multiple times since receiving the book in May 2007).

As I said in my review, all I can really do is throw up my hands with respect to those particular pages and shrug my shoulders.

But one thing's for certain (and Bugliosi points it out as a kind of last salvo on Page 424 after probing the murky craziness of the HSCA's findings on Page 423) -- the two autopsy photos linked below (when looked at IN TANDEM) indicate that JFK's upper-back wound was positively and irrevocably located ANATOMICALLY HIGHER than the wound in John Kennedy's throat. And anyone studying these two photos who comes to an opposite conclusion must be living on Mars (or someplace where up = down and higher = lower):

David Von Pein
February 2008