(PART 135)


>>> "[Lee Harvey Oswald] was NEVER on the bus." <<<


Goodie! More baloney coming from a CTer whom I didn't think could sink
any deeper into his morass of invented kookshit.

So, Rob thinks that the cops (or somebody) must have PLANTED the bus transfer in Oswald's shirt pocket on 11/22/63 (complete with the accurate date and timestamping, plus Cecil McWatters' unique crescent-shaped hole punch on the paper transfer)....


....Rob-Kook also must think that witness Mary E. Bledsoe was a liar when she positively identified Oswald as having been on McWatters' bus on November 22.

Wasn't it nice and convenient for the cops and (later) the Warren Commission to be able to come up with so many different witnesses who were willing to tell lie after lie when they said they saw Lee Oswald in various places and doing various things on 11/22 that kooks like Rob Caprio believe are not true at all?


1.) Bledsoe and the bus incident.

2.) Virginia & Barb Davis and the Tippit murder. (Plus Markham, Scoggins, Callaway, Tatum, and all the rest of the witnesses near 10th Street.)

3.) Howard Brennan and JFK's murder.


Wasn't it also convenient for the assassination plotters (and for the CTers later on) to have so many other people tell a string of lies for years on end, in order to further the continuing "cover-up" that the CT-Kooks think is still being perpetuated to this day by some people?


1.) Humes, Finck, & Boswell and JFK's autopsy. Those three autopsy doctors ALL lied (per the CT-Kooks) when they ALL agreed that JFK was shot just TWICE, and both bullets hit the President from ABOVE and BEHIND.

2.) The various police officers who collected and handled the evidence in ways which the conspiracy kooks think was suspicious or mysterious in some manner...with those officers (all of them, save Roger "Big Fat Liar" Craig) all testifying in ways that can lead to only one possible conclusion -- i.e., Lee Oswald fired three shots at JFK and four or five shots at J.D. Tippit on November 22, 1963.

3.) The Warren Commission (which was a panel full of nothing but "I WANT OSWALD TO BE GUILTY NO MATTER WHAT" clowns, per the CT-Kooks).

4.) The HSCA (which, per CTers, must have been an organization that was comprised of either complete idiots or WC-backing shills, to a large degree anyway, since the HSCA agreed with the WC regarding Oswald as the only gunman who hit any victims with any bullets in Dealey Plaza or on Tenth Street).

Apparently, per the rabid conspiracy theorists who will believe in anything in order to make Lee Oswald appear totally innocent of any wrong-doing in Dallas in Nov. 1963, there was an all-encompassing plot and cover-up in place after the assassination (save Roger "Big Fat Liar" Craig), engaged in by many different agencies and organizations and investigative bodies, in order to pull the wool over the collective eyes of the general public and attempt to make that public believe that a COMPLETELY INNOCENT Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, murdered not only President Kennedy, but also J.D. Tippit as well.

That type of blanket conspiratorial scenario, which is almost certainly accepted as FACT by many conspiracists worldwide, is just flat-out idiotic. And always has been. Simple as that.

CTers have their dreams. But LNers, thankfully, have an obviously guilty Lee Harvey Oswald (not to mention all of the bullets and all of the other physical evidence, to boot).

David Von Pein
February 2008