(PART 151)


>>> "You should be more open to all angles and present conspiracy theories that you think are feasible." <<<


When I see a feasible one that actually FITS THE EVIDENCE IN THE
CASE, I'll present it. But so far...zilch in that department.

>>> "Which reminds me, I asked you recently which theory or theories you could agree to and you never answered." <<<

I'll answer that now.....

The only possible conspiracy theory that I could agree with at this
stage (i.e., after 45 years of CTers looking under every rock for a
plot and coming up empty every day of every week) would be this:

Oswald (as the lone gunman in Dealey Plaza and on 10th St.) was
"involved" in some manner with (perhaps) another individual (a non-
gunman) who could have conceivably urged Oswald to perform his
murderous deed in Dallas, or in some small way possibly helped Oswald
with the planning of the shooting.

But even the above low-level type of two-person "plot" doesn't seem
very likely at all, given the fact that if it were true, the main question
to ask would then be:

HIM THE MOST (just after 12:30 PM on 11/22/63)?

Why did this other person, in effect, abandon Oswald when Oz could
certainly have used some help escaping the scene of the crime?

The other guy maybe got cold feet and left Oz holding the bag, you
say? Well, maybe. I suppose that is possible.

But another thing that doesn't add up even from that small two-man
conspiracy is the fact that if it were true, and Oswald had a helper in
some way in planning and/or carrying out the shooting, it's unlikely
(IMO) that Oswald would have used Wes Frazier as his ride to Irving on
Nov. 21st (thereby making it necessary for Oswald to lie his head off
to Wes Frazier regarding the paper bag and the "curtain rods").

Oswald, IF he had a helper (who could drive and had a vehicle), would
have surely utilized the services of the helper in transporting him
to Irving on Thursday or even earlier than Thursday (in order to
retrieve the rifle, which assumes the helper didn't have an even
better rifle of his own that Oswald could have perhaps used). And then
the co-conspirator would have also been able to drive Oswald back to
Dallas on Friday morning.

But, instead, we have Oswald doing unusual things on Thursday (going
to Irving with Wesley Frazier, who certainly wasn't any "conspirator")
and on Friday (coming to work with Frazier while carrying a bulky
paper bag and NO LUNCH BAG at all, per what Oswald HIMSELF told Wes
Frazier, with Oz telling Wesley that he was going to "buy" his lunch
on Friday).

Among many other things, those unusual acts while using Frazier as his
mode of transportation (instead of somebody else), plus all of Oswald's
"on foot" activities after the assassination, indicate to me that Oswald
was a lone act on November 22, 1963.

So, even a small two-man plot doesn't really fit in with the known
evidence in the case (i.e., Oswald's verified actions before and after
12:30 PM on 11/22/63).

David Von Pein
February 2008