(PART 142)


>>> "Yes, the shells were undoubtedly fired from the MC [Mannlicher-Carcano]. But you cannot prove they were fired during the attack." <<<


Robert Harris can't figure out the super-SUPER-easy ones (like this
one). But he can somehow figure out that a shot was fired at exactly
Z285 by examining the silent Zapruder Film.



>>> "Yes, the shells were undoubtedly fired from the MC. But you cannot prove they were fired during the attack." <<<

Yeah, this one's a real toughie, Bob. It took me a whole 25 seconds
(approximately) to figure it out:

1.) Three shells from Oswald's gun found in Sniper's Nest where Oswald
himself was seen firing a rifle.

2.) Two fragments from Oswald's gun found in limo.

3.) A whole bullet from Oswald's gun found in hospital where the limo
victims were transported. (Spare me the "planted" conjecture...just
this ONCE. That'd be refreshing...for once. Ten-Four?)

4.) Oswald's gun found on the 6th Floor of the TSBD (with Ozzie's
print on it).

1 thru 4 = Bullets from Oswald's gun were positively fired "during the
on President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza.

>>> "Of course CE399 was fired from the [C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano] rifle, but NOT during the attack." <<<

Oh goodie! Planted stuff!

(I wasn't spared for very long, was I?)

Question -- Where would a conspiracy theorist be without a bunch of
planted stuff?!

Answer -- In the Lone Assassin camp.

>>> "And since I have stated on countless occasions that the 312 shot probably WAS fired by Oswald, the fact that one agent expressed an opinion that a bullet came from Oswald's rifle is not exactly Earth-shaking." <<<

But it would have been a whole lot better if the Warren Commission had
called 175 more FBI agents and ballistics experts to testify that CE567/569
came from Oz's gun...right?

>>> "[The FBI's Robert A.] Frazier was simply full of shit." <<<

Oh goodie! Another CTer who thinks that a person is "full of shit" who provided
evidence and testimony that seriously damages the make-believe fantasies
of all conspiracy-loving theorists.

What should we expect next -- a CTer who thinks that the whole Warren
Commission Report is "full of shit" too?

That'd be a real shocker, huh?

>>> "Yes, I was incorrect in stating that the FBI did not *claim* that the frags matched Oswald's rifle. See David. I didn't drop dead and the universe did not stop running, when I admitted I was wrong." <<<

And your theories about the case aren't getting any truer either.

Go figure the irony.

>>> "David, if you are patient enough and wait long enough, I will undoubtedly make another error someday. Never mind the fact that you posted more false claims this week than I have since 1994." <<<

That must mean Mr. V.T. Bugliosi owns the record for "Most False
Claims In A 2,800-Page Publication". Right, Bob?

You'd THINK that VB (or I) would be able to get SOMETHING right after
all that time that has been used up looking into the case, wouldn't ya?

But, per CTers like Bob Harris and many others, it would appear that
all LNers are 0-for-907,684 (approximately).

Heck, we silly LNers still possess the outrageous gall and temerity to
think that the bullets that were found in the limo and in the hospital
were actually fired "during the attack" on the President on November
22, 1963.

We dumbbell LNers should be wiser and smarter than that. Shouldn't we,

After all, when a bullet or fragment or shell COULD have conceivably
been planted by evil-doers, it must mean it WAS planted by evil-doers
(despite ZERO pieces of verification for any such planting; like, say,
somebody actually PHYSICALLY being SEEN doing some of this "planting").

In other words -- Why resort to relying on the ordinary when the
extraordinary is also available for the choosing?

Right, Bob?

David Von Pein
February 2008