(PART 114)


>>> "The paper bag of Oswald's, allegedly found in the sniper's nest, was folded in ways that did not indicate a gun had been stored in the bag." <<<


This is a silly argument (if, that is, you're referring to the somewhat
symmetrical folds that existed in Oswald's paper bag, as seen in the
photos below).

It's a silly conspiracy type of argument because we know that Oswald
would have certainly folded up the paper that he swiped from the TSBD
workbench and stashed it under his coat during his drive to Irving with
Buell Frazier on Thursday night.

Oswald surely didn't take the paper to Irving in one long, unfolded
hunk of paper, for Pete sake. He folded the paper up, with those
creases still visible in the bag when Montgomery was photographed with
it on Nov. 22.

In fact, those creases and folds in the bag, IMO, are even MORE of a
reason to believe it was Oswald's rifle-toting bag -- because if those
creases and folds HADN'T been in that bag, a person (CTer or
otherwise) could logically ask: Well, how did LHO take that paper to
Irving without folding it in some manner...and furthermore, WHY in the
world would anyone transport a lengthy piece (or pieces) of paper like
that from one place to another WITHOUT folding it up for easier

The folds we see in that bag are perfectly consistent with Lee Oswald
having taken it (empty and folded up) to Irving....placing a rifle in
it on Nov. 21 or 22....and transporting it back to the TSBD (with
Rifle C2766 inside) on the morning of President Kennedy's

Oswald's prints (two of them!) were on the bag, making that empty bag
found on the 6th Floor devastating physical evidence against LHO
(given the exact location where it was said to be found by multiple
police officers, despite the lack of an official photo of the bag in
the Sniper's Nest [SN]).

Do you think that Bob Studebaker and J.C. Day of the DPD were really
and truly lying when they both told the Warren Commission that an
empty paper bag was found in the southeast corner of the sixth floor?

Some CTers have a hard time believing that an obvious assassin and
double-killer named Lee Harvey Oswald would ever tell a lie (such as
his "I'm just a patsy" whitewash), but those CTers don't have any
problem at all with calling many, many members of law enforcement (and
others in Officialdom) outright liars and cover-up operatives.

And CTers spout these allegations without any proof whatsoever that
any lies were told by any members of the DPD (et al) in wake of JFK's
murder. Some mistakes were made, yes (like not photographing that bag
in the SN and originally speculating that LHO's gun was a "Mauser",
etc.)....but no outright "lies" were told by anyone in law enforcement
in connection with the JFK investigation that I am aware of.*

* = With one blatant exception (at least the only one I can think of
offhand) -- and that was Roger Craig's obvious lie about actually
seeing the words "7.65 Mauser" stamped on the rifle found in the TSBD.
That tale spun by Craig was positively a lie. There's no other word
that can be used in that one particular instance.

>>> "Neither was there any oily residue in the bag...unusual, seeing the M-C was described as "well-oiled"." <<<

Which has to mean that the OUTSIDE components of Oswald's Mannlicher-
Carcano HAD to be oily, is that it?

It might have been unusual for a "well-oiled" rifle to leave no oil
traces in a paper object after it's removed from that paper object,
but is it truly an IMPOSSIBILITY for such a thing to occur?

Obviously it's not an impossibility at all -- because the sum total of
evidence says that LHO did, indeed, carry his "well-oiled" rifle into
work on Nov. 22 inside a brown paper bag.

And since only ONE empty paper bag WITH TWO OF OSWALD'S PRINTS ON IT
was found in the Depository (and right under the window where three of
Oswald's bullet shells
were also discovered, and right under the same
window where an Oswald-like gunman was seen aiming a gun at JFK at
12:30 PM)....then it doesn't take a four-year college degree to arrive
at the likely conclusion of: the empty bag found on the sixth floor is
the same bag used by Oswald to transport the rifle that killed the


"We also know from the firearms people that the three expended cartridge casings found on the floor, right beneath that sixth-floor window -- undoubtedly the same casings that Mr. Norman heard fall from above -- were fired in, and ejected from, Oswald's rifle to the exclusion of all other weapons. So we KNOW, not just beyond a reasonable doubt, we know beyond ALL doubt THAT OSWALD'S RIFLE WAS THE MURDER WEAPON!! And it's obvious that Oswald carried that rifle into the building that day in that large brown paper bag. It couldn't be more obvious. As far as Mister [Wesley] Frazier's testimony about Oswald carrying the bag under his armpit, he conceded he never paid close attention to just how Oswald was carrying that bag. He didn't have any reason to. At this point if we had nothing else....nothing else....how much do you need?....if we had NOTHING else....this would be enough to prove Oswald's guilt beyond all REASONABLE doubt. But there's so much more." -- Vincent Bugliosi; July 1986 ("On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald")

>>> "No fibres were found that matched the blanket in the Paine's garage." <<<

That's odd....exactly the opposite is true according to Paul Stombaugh
(hair-and-fiber expert for the FBI). Is Stombaugh a liar too?:

PAUL STOMBAUGH -- "The viscose fiber I found in the bag matched in all observable microscopic characteristics some of the viscose fibers found in the composition of this blanket. This would be the diameter, the diameter of that same fiber would have the same size of delustering markings, same shape, same form, and also same color."

MEL EISENBERG -- "Now, what about the green cotton fiber that you found in the paper bag, Mr. Stombaugh, how did that compare with the green cotton fiber--was it a green cotton fiber that your testimony mentioned?"

STOMBAUGH -- "Yes; there were several light green cotton fibers."

EISENBERG -- "How did they compare with the green cotton fibers which are contained in the composition of the blanket?"

STOMBAUGH -- "These matched in all observable microscopic characteristics."

>>> "The boxes at the sniper's window -- only one fingerprint matched Oswald." <<<

Wrong (again). Two prints of Oswald's were found on one of the boxes
at the SN window (plus another palmprint on the box that LHO
undoubtedly sat on while waiting to shoot the President in the back
and in the back of the head on 11/22/63).

Oswald no doubt also handled the other two cartons that were located
beneath the SN window too, but he didn't leave any identifiable prints
on those cartons. His prints are there without a doubt, but just not
clear or discernible enough to be positively identified. (This is all
too obvious a conclusion when examining the sum total of evidence in
the JFK case.)

>>> "All the witnesses who saw someone in the sniper's lair around the time of the shooting said the man was wearing a light-coloured shirt; Oswald wore a brown-orange shirt that day." <<<

LHO probably shot the President while wearing JUST his white t-shirt
(IMO). He probably had his brown shirt at his feet in the SN while he
performed his murderous act. And he probably used that brown shirt as
a fingerprint-wiping rag as he travelled from one side of the building
to the other after the shooting.

And that's probably how the fibers from that shirt got stuck
underneath the butt plate. No other scenario regarding those fibers
getting jammed in the rifle makes much sense to me. More HERE.

>>> "As for the so-called lies Oswald told the police, none of them would be admissible in a court of law (according to justice) because no-one bothered to officially record them." <<<

So we have to just ignore those many lies now, is that it?

Also -- I guess, per your above rules of law, the DPD and Captain
Fritz must have never been able to send a guilty person to prison
prior to November of 1963, since it would appear that it wasn't
uncommon in the slightest degree for the DPD and Fritz to NOT record
a single word uttered by suspects while being interrogated.

Oswald's non-recorded statements certainly weren't the exception for
the Dallas Police Department (circa 1963) -- they were the RULE:

CAPTAIN J.W. FRITZ -- "I don't have a tape recorder. We need one, if we had one at this time we could have handled these conversations far better."

JOE BALL -- "The Dallas Police Department doesn't have one?"

CAPTAIN FRITZ -- "No, sir; I have requested one several times but so far they haven't gotten me one."

>>> "Oswald was not the only man fleeing the TSBD." <<<

And I never claimed he was. But, as far as I'm aware, he was the only
employee of the building who was positively known to have been INSIDE
THE DEPOSITORY at the exact time of JFK's murder to have left the
building immediately after the assassination.

>>> "Four unidentified men were seen racing out the back." <<<

Four? And the source for this "racing out the back" foursome is??

Were these men supposedly Oswald's "patsy handlers" or something? And
FOUR of them? LOL.

>>> "A well-known criminal and Mafia associate, Jim Braden, was caught fleeing the Dal-Tex building." <<<

Which was a building (the Dal-Tex) with absolutely NO connection to
the assassination whatsoever. And a building that, AFAIK, nobody (or
virtually nobody) thought any gunshots specifically came from.

In short -- Big deal.

David Von Pein
January 2008