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>>> "The autopsy x-rays show a skull that is just smashed up into a lot of pieces. It looks more like Kennedy was killed with a sledgehammer than a bullet." <<<


Why in the world would you say that?

The X-ray below shows just exactly what is reported in the autopsy report. Plus it's an X-ray that perfectly conforms with what we can see happening to JFK's head in the Zapruder Film, i.e., a large, gaping wound at the RIGHT-FRONT part of the President's head, with the BACK of his head COMPLETELY INTACT...with all skull still there at the back of the head.

This X-ray, which was authenticated and deemed unaltered "in any manner" by the HSCA in 1978, is very important...because it's an X-ray that proves, ALL BY ITSELF, that the many Parkland witnesses were just flat-out mistaken when they claimed that President Kennedy had a gaping hole in the back of his head:

>>> "Then, when David Lifton published his groundbreaking book "Best Evidence," the picture became clearer." <<<

Sure, if you want to actually believe that Kennedy's body could have been whisked away from Air Force One (without a single non-plotter noticing) and then taken to Walter Reed, where the bullet wounds were perfectly rearranged within a very short time period, in time to get the body to Bethesda around 8:00 PM for the autopsy....with Humes, Boswell, and Finck (all of them!) being totally fooled by the rearrangement surgery that had just been done in lickety-split fashion on JFK's cranium.

Lifton's theory is utter nonsense of the first order. And Bugliosi calls it such in his excellent chapter devoted to debunking Lifton and his nutty theory within "Reclaiming History".

"One could safely say that David Lifton took folly to an unprecedented level. And considering the monumental foolishness of his colleagues in the conspiracy community, that's saying something." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 1066 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)


"The coffin was never unattended. Lifton's story is the biggest pack of malarkey I ever heard in my life. I never had my hands or eyes off of it during the period he says it was unattended, and when Jackie got up to go to her stateroom where Lyndon Johnson was, Kenny O'Donnell went with her, but we stayed right there with the coffin and never let go of it. In fact several of us were with it through the whole trip, all the way to Bethesda Naval Hospital. It couldn't have happened the way that fellow said. Not even thirty seconds. I never left it." -- David Powers (JFK's longtime friend and aide); June 1987

>>> "What I am interested in is: Does "Reclaiming History" address the wounds and the autopsy irregularities or does it just re-state the Warren Commission report like the Posner book did? I don't see any point in reading a lot of stuff about the life of Lee Harvey Oswald if he didn't pull the trigger on the fatal shot." <<<

"Reclaiming History" addresses every single thing about the JFK murder case that a reasonable and sensible person could possibly need to know in order to solve the case beyond all reasonable doubt.

And the final conclusion reached by Vince Bugliosi in "Reclaiming History" is a conclusion I've agreed with long before Vincent's brilliant 2007 book was published -- Lee Harvey Oswald, beyond all doubt, murdered JFK and J.D. Tippit, and beyond all reasonable doubt did it alone. Hence, no conspiracy at all.

"In the Kennedy case, I believe the absence of a conspiracy can be proved to a virtual certainty." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 973 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "Based on what is out there now, I'm no longer even sure he [Lee Harvey Oswald] was even on the 6th floor when the Connolly [sic] shot was fired." <<<

Huh? But you think Oswald might have been there a few seconds earlier or later during the shooting timeline?

I've never heard this type of theory before. Perhaps you can explain further.

David Von Pein
January 23, 2008