(PART 113)


>>> "Governor Connally said the actual bullet from his thigh fell out in his room and was retrieved by a nurse." <<<


Source for that please.

("His room"??)

Anyway, there is absolutely no official evidence or testimony that
indicates any "bullet" other than CE399 was recovered in connection
with Governor Connally's injuries.

To think otherwise is to believe in a massive cover-up of the real
evidence associated with the death of a President and the critical
wounding of a U.S. Governor.*

* = Oops...sorry. Most CTers do, of course, believe that my last
paragraph is a truism. How silly of me to cast doubt on the huge
cover-up operation that conspiracists endorse, a cover-up which must
certainly have involved a ton of people, from Parkland to Bethesda to
the DPD to the FBI to the White House to the WC to the HSCA to God
knows who else too. (Just plain silly. Even a cover-up one-tenth this
size is virtually impossible and silly to believe in.)

Anyhow, if Connally heard something "ping" to the floor in the
operating room or in the ER (whichever it was), how does that equate
to a "bullet" positively being recovered?

Answer: It doesn't.

Plus: It's also just flat-out stupid to think that a nurse picked up a
bullet that was connected to a Presidential murder and then that
bullet just vanished off the planet.

Where did the bullet go? Who saw it? To whom was it given? Did
Connally SEE it? Answer to that last one: No.

Connally didn't have any idea whether a "bullet" fell out of him in
the ER/OR. Just as he had no idea which shot hit JFK. He couldn't have
known that detail, because he wasn't even looking at JFK when the
President was being shot with bullets. Talk about "blind" faith.

>>> "You did not say "in evidence", as you are saying in your newly-modified sentence. You said "connected", which could also apply to bullets that were not entered into evidence." <<<

Yes, you're correct on this point, Robert. In my original statement,
which was written several months ago and repeated in this thread, I
should have said:

"Warren Commission Exhibit #399 remains the only whole bullet IN EVIDENCE connected with JFK's murder and Connally's injuries."

I keep forgetting that CTers love to wallow in minutiae and they love
chaff much more than wheat.

My original statement, though, is still quite true, of course...but,
yes, I suppose I could have added the words "in evidence" to clarify
it even more. But you probably knew what I meant anyway, you just want
to criticize via semantics.

>>> "When are you going to talk about the fact that every one of the four men who handled and examined the stretcher bullet refused to confirm that it was CE-399, and that two of them specifically stated that it was shaped differently." <<<

So, let's examine the CE399 alternatives:

If we're to believe that Commission Exhibit 399 was not the bullet found
on the Parkland stretcher, then this would have to mean that a different,
completely INTACT, WHOLE bullet did all of the bodily damage to John

Or do you want to add another layer of unsupportable stuff to the
conspiracy pile by purporting that JBC was shot more than one time,
which cannot be supported by any of the evidence, particularly due to
the fact that not a single bullet or large fragment was plucked from
Connally's body?

CTers who believe that a "pointy"-tipped bullet hit Connally, in lieu
of 399, are then forced to abandon one of their other favorite
theories....the one that says: No bullet could emerge in almost
"pristine" condition after having done the damage 399 supposedly did
to JBC + JFK.

Did any of those four people who refused to positively I.D. 399 say
that the bullet they DID see on 11/22/63 was mangled or smashed in any
way whatsoever? No, they didn't, did they?

In fact, the main contention among CTers in this "It Was A Different
Bullet" regard is that the nose of the bullet that CTers claim was
found on the stretcher still had its POINTY nose intact (i.e., not
smashed or mushroomed at all).

This, in fact, is supposedly the only significant difference being
cited by CTers to advance the notion that the "real" stretcher bullet
was not CE399.

So, one theory dearly adhered to by CTers for years must go overboard
while they accept another (the theory that 399 is a "plant" or a
"substituted" missile).

I'd also like to know the odds of Dr. Vincent Guinn, even via 1970s
standards for such determinations, arriving at a solid "highly
probable" declaration (HSCA Vol. 1; Pg. 505) linking CE399 and
Governor Connally's small wrist fragments via NAA if 399 had really NOT
been the original source for those bullet fragments examined by Guinn.

Because a "pointy"-nosed bullet most certainly is NOT a WCC/MC type
bullet. I think even all rabid "Anybody But Oswald" CTers would agree
on that fact. Oswald's Carcano did not use pointy-tipped bullets.

Therefore, per the CTers who like to advance the theory that 399
replaced a pointy bullet (which came out of a NON-OSWALD GUN) in the
official record, it sure was a rather amazing (and very fortunate)
coincidence for those individuals who were, per many CTers,
manipulating and tampering with the official evidence in this
Presidential murder case that Dr. Guinn was able to arrive at the
conclusion he did in 1978 by way of NAA.

It was remarkably fortunate if you ask me. In fact, it's so remarkable
that I don't think it's unreasonable in the least to label such a theory
about a "planted" or "switched" bullet as TOTALLY ABSURD.

But, of course, a conspiracy theorist's mileage will vary (greatly) in
this regard. Surprise.

Another would-be miraculous fact that makes any such "planted" theory
about Bullet 399 fall into the "Absurd" drawer is the fact that
Governor Connally (amazingly for the supposed bullet-planters) had
virtually no bullet lead recovered from his body.

Yes, Connally had fragments in his wrist (deposited by the butt end of
CE399, perfectly mirroring that bullet's damage and its approximate
missing amount of metal)....but he had no whole bullets or large
fragments in his body after the shooting at all.

And yet the alleged bullet-planters/switchers took the chance of
placing a whole bullet like 399 into the record, instead of planting a
beat-up missile with much of its mass missing. Quite a risk.

It was quite a risk, that is, if you want to believe in a "planted" 399
specifically (as purported by people like Oliver Stone, who, in his
1991 movie, has Jack Ruby himself planting 399 on a stretcher; he
wasn't "subbing" one bullet for a similar-looking whole one).

Therefore, per Stone's/Garrison's crazy theory, the plotters are in
the dark as to the amount of bullet material still in the victims as
of the time of Ruby's planting 399 at Parkland.

It's just silly as all get out to believe in such a Stone-like scenario.
Especially when so much OTHER stuff will already hang their proverbial
"patsy" named Oswald, even WITHOUT planting CE399 in the hospital --
e.g., LHO's rifle, the paper bag, his prints all over the place where the
TSBD sniper was located, the Tippit murder, the backyard pictures (also
thought to be the product of the "conspirators"), etc. to near infinity.

Bottom line fact still is today what it was in 1963 --- CE399 was determined
by BOTH major Government inquiries (WC and HSCA) to have been the
"SBT" bullet which went through both John Kennedy and John Connally on
November 22, 1963.

That is a fact of historical record. If conspiracists don't like that
historical fact, maybe they should go about the awesome task of

To date, such "proof" from the "planted/switched" camp has yet to surface.

David Von Pein
January 2008