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Hey, aren't ya gonna try to refute the evidence about the "PALM PRINT". It [is] one of those pieces in that MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE that yer always yappin' about. I've presented solid irrefutable evidence that the cops were lying about that "palm print", and they were lying to frame Oswald. C'mon big mouth, have you lost yer voice??


I like it when Walt gets his patsy-loving panties in a knot when somebody doesn't respond to his nonsense quickly enough for him. It's another one of the kook traits that makes each day online amusing.

In short, Walt has proved NOTHING with respect to advancing the idea that the Dallas Police Department was trying to "frame" Lee Harvey Oswald.

Vincent Bugliosi (yes, him again) probably said it best when he said this about rabid conspiracy clowns like Walter:

"The conspiracy community regularly seizes on one slip of the tongue, misunderstanding, or slight discrepancy to defeat twenty pieces of solid evidence;...treats rumors, even questions, as the equivalent of proof; leaps from the most minuscule of discoveries to the grandest of conclusions; and insists that the failure to explain everything perfectly negates all that is explained." -- VB

Walt....I assume you think that CE637 doesn't show any palmprint (or print of any kind) that can be traced conclusively to Lee Harvey Oswald. Is that a correct assumption of what you believe?

Because if that's not what you believe, and CE637, even from your irrational and skewed "Anybody But Oswald" kookpoint (aka: viewpoint), DOES show a print of Lee Oswald's, then your whole silly argument about the "parallel lines" can be countered with two words:

So what?

Because CE637 would STILL represent a verifiable print of Lee Harvey Oswald's being discovered on his rifle following the assassination.

But, as I said, I assume you don't think that ANY kind of a verified LHO print was lifted off of Mannlicher-Carcano rifle #C2766 by Lt. Carl Day or by the FBI either. The following words of Walt's would indicate such, I suppose:

"He [Lt. Day] simply used the smudge of a print that he had found on the wooden foregrip as the evidence for his claim [of finding Oswald's palmprint on the metal barrel of rifle C2766]." -- Walt The Kook; 01/17/08

Now, I'm certainly no "fingerprint/palmprint expert", but this exhibit below (CE637), which has Lt. Day's words printed right on it in Day's own handwriting must certainly reveal a palmprint of some discernible nature or else Lt. Day would have been caught red-handed in a lie right there. Because other people (independent of the DPD) examined Commission Exhibit 637 up close and personal -- and those other people concluded that CE637 does, indeed, depict the right palmprint of Lee H. Oswald.

Was Sebastian Latona lying his ass off when he gave the following testimony to the Warren Commission? And remember that Latona was employed by a DIFFERENT law-enforcement agency than was Lt. Day; Latona was from the FBI:

MEL EISENBERG -- "Did you attempt to identify this print which shows on the lift Exhibit 637?"

MR. LATONA -- "Yes; I did."

MR. EISENBERG -- "Did you succeed in making identification?"

MR. LATONA -- "On the basis of my comparison, I did effect an identification."

MR. EISENBERG -- "And whose print was that, Mr. Latona?"

MR. LATONA -- "The palmprint which appears on the lift was identified by me as the right palmprint of Lee Harvey Oswald."

And was Ron Wittmus (who was also, like Latona, a fingerprint expert from the FBI) just merely "going with the flow" when he signed an affidavit in 1964, which stated the following?:

"I have conducted independent examinations of the items which were the subject of Mr. Latona's testimony and on the basis of these independent examinations I reached the same conclusions reached by Sebastian Francis Latona." -- Signed, Ronald G. Wittmus; 07/30/64

So we've got not only Lieutenant J.C. Day of the DPD to back up the evidence about Oswald's print on CE637, but we've got at least two other people (both of whom were from a DIFFERENT agency from Day) -- Latona and Wittmus -- who testified or signed an affidavit to the effect that CE637 positively and verifiably depicts the right palmprint of Lee Harvey Oswald. (And that's regardless of exactly where on the gun Day lifted the print.)

And the words of Latona and Wittmus regarding this matter, of course, are not only corroborative of Lt. Day's testimony, they are far more authoritative and conclusive with regard to the print on CE637 positively being Oswald's palmprint.

And that's because Latona and Wittmus were able to examine the print in greater detail and at greater length than was Day, and therefore those FBI experts were able to come to a firm and definitive conclusion about the print being Oswald's (again--regardless of exactly where on the rifle the print was lifted from).

I'd like to ask Walt this:

Who coordinated this perfectly aligned "It Was Oswald's Print" ruse? Was it Lt. Day who initiated it? Was it the FBI? Latona? Who then told Wittmus to sign off on his false determination afterward? Hoover? Fritz? Who??

I'll bet Walt can't tell us. He never can.

And how did somebody (or group of "somebodies") manage to coerce members from these two separate law-enforcement entities (the DPD and the FBI) into telling one lie after another to the Warren Commission?

That same question, of course, can be asked about virtually all other pieces of evidence and the different lone assassin-favoring aspects surrounding the JFK case.

Because Walt not only needs certain members of the Dallas Police Department deeply involved in some kind of "Let's Frame That Bastard Oswald" plot after the assassination, Walt also needs members of multiple other agencies involved (up to their necks) too -- e.g., the FBI, the Secret Service, the Dallas Sheriff's office (including Decker, Mooney, Boone, and Weitzman), the U.S. Postal Service (Holmes), the Warren Commission, the Clark Panel, the HSCA, the Church Committee, and portions of the Rockefeller Commission too.

Whew! What a cover-up operation to control.

Who was the Grand Poobah of this incredible "OSWALD DID IT ALL ALONE" fairy tale, Walt? Jesus Christ Himself perhaps? Because certainly no mere mortal or combination of mortals could have succeeded in pulling off such a good-looking conspiracy and ensuing cover-up. Could they?

Let's now sit back and watch Walt attempt to conveniently explain away the testimony of Sebastian Francis Latona and the signed affidavit of Ronald G. Wittmus, the two fingerprint experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation who (independently) corroborated the palmprint findings of Lt. J.C. Day of the Dallas City Police Department.

I love watching conspiracy kooks make utter fools of themselves when they get backed into a corner from which there is no escape. The only recourse for the kooks at such a time is to blurt out (sans a lick of proof, of course): All those people are rotten liars!

Let's see if Walt is true to his usual "kook" form.

David Von Pein
January 2008