(PART 130)


Kennedy had an entrance wound on the front of his neck...


No he didn't.

That's just the continued wishful-thinking of conspiracy theorists.
Nothing more.

In order for the bullet wound in the front of JFK's throat to have
been an ENTRY wound, you're going to have to check your common sense
at the door. Because in order for the throat wound to be an entry, it
would mean that not just one, but TWO, bullets simply stopped dead
inside John Kennedy's neck and upper back on 11/22/63, without either
of these bullets causing any significant damage at all.

Plus: Both of these bullets that would have gone into JFK without
exiting the other side would have had to disappear off the planet
prior to the autopsy, without any non-"plotter" seeing a trace of
either missile in question.

Simply impossible.

Why do so many conspiracy promoters always totally ignore the above
common-sense observations regarding the proposed "Frontal Throat Shot"

Given the evidence, Kennedy could not possibly have been shot in the
upper back and in the throat by separate bullets. To believe that such
a thing did occur is to believe in stuff that's far more implausible
and improbable than the Single-Bullet Theory.

But the SBT, however, explains EVERYTHING -- including:

1.) The lack of damage in Kennedy's neck/back regions (which is to be
expected if just one bullet sailed right through him).

2.) No "missing" bullets to account for. CE399 is the one and only
bullet that needs to be accounted for via the SBT....and it is
accounted for (right down to the NAA analysis, which, while not 100%
foolproof and definitive, gives any reasonable person a pretty good
idea as to what the source bullet was for the small fragments that
were recovered by Dr. Gregory from the right wrist of Governor

3.) The reactions of Kennedy and Connally as seen on the Zapruder
Film. Yes, the Z-Film can be a very subjective viewing experience,
depending on who's doing the viewing; but when looking at the
toggling clips shown below, it can't be any more obvious that both
JFK and Connally are reacting at the EXACT SAME TIME to some kind of
external stimulus.

And since that "stimulus" is probably a rifle bullet (seeing as how
rifle bullets were being fired at the car during the few seconds in
question here), it's quite likely that both mens' "reactions" seen

4.) The "lining up" of the wounds on the two different victims (which
pretty much perfectly matches the way the two men were seated in the
limousine, in relation to one another), with both men being hit in the
BACK with a bullet....and Kennedy having a bullet hole in his throat

If one bullet didn't hit both men, then I think it's safe to say that
the THREE DIFFERENT GUNMEN who would have had to be involved in
peppering the two victims with THREE different bullets at virtually
the exact same time were THE LUCKIEST ASSASSINS ever to shoot at a
President. Especially when the widely-believed "Oswald Was Being Set
Up As The Lone Patsy" plot that is favored by many conspiracy kooks is
factored into this equation as well --


The THREE shooters* just got lucky when their three bullets hit JFK
and JBC in all the right places, so that at a later date in 1964 the
Warren Commission can determine that just ONE bullet very likely
struck the victims, rather than the three that actually did hit them
(per this insane anti-SBT theory that many CTers place their faith
in). It's just plain idiotic. No other way to look at it.

* = And the anti-SBT brigade definitely needs THREE different gunmen
to accomplish what CE399 did, too. That's because of the tight
timeline shown on the Zapruder Film. Two guns just aren't enough to
get this anti-SBT job done. No way. You'd need two separate shooters
in the rear (to account for Kennedy's separate back wound and
Connally's separate back wound); and a frontal shooter to account for
JFK's throat wound.

And some CTers like to increase the absurdity of their own make-
believe anti-SBT theories by claiming that Connally was really hit by
TWO bullets, instead of by just the one (CE399) that any reasonable
person would determine he was hit with.

That latter "Connally Was Hit Twice" option ups the total of anti-SBT
bullets to four (all of which vanish into thin air immediately after
the shooting, per most CTers, since most CTers like to cling to the
idea that CE399 was a "planted" or "substitute" bullet and actually
hit nobody at all on 11/22/63).

Such anti-SBT scenarios involving three or four bullets in lieu of
CE399 are scenarios that belong in the file marked "Totally Ridiculous
And Impossible JFK Conspiracy Theories".


[Kennedy had] an entrance wound on his right temple at the hairline...


Says who? Certainly not the three different autopsists at Bethesda who
examined the body of President Kennedy first-hand.

But a rabid conspiracy promoter ALWAYS knows more than Doctors Humes,
Boswell, and Finck. Right?

Via JFK's Official Autopsy Report:

"It is our opinion that the deceased died as a result of two perforating gunshot wounds inflicted by high-velocity projectiles fired by a person or persons unknown. The projectiles were fired from a point behind and somewhat above the level of the deceased. .... The fatal missile entered the skull above and to the right of the external occipital protuberance. A portion of the projectile traversed the cranial cavity in a posterior-anterior direction (see lateral skull roentgenograms) depositing minute particles along its path. A portion of the projectile made its exit through the parietal bone on the right carrying with it portions of cerebrum, skull and scalp." -- Signed: Drs. Humes, Boswell, & Finck

Conspiracy theorists are forced to actually believe that the above
autopsy summary is nothing but a pack of lies. And the theorists who
love to tout imaginary "frontal shots" that hit JFK in the head (or
elsewhere) also have to actually believe the fairy tale that includes
ALL THREE autopsists continuing to tell lies for decades on end
whenever they have discussed the autopsy with members of the media or
during the various follow-up Government investigations (such as the
HSCA and ARRB hearings).

And then there's the 1967 TV appearance of Dr. James J. Humes. CTers
must believe that Dr. Humes, who was certainly not being forced at
gunpoint to appear on television, VOLUNTEERED--on his own!--to go on
CBS-TV in June of 1967 and tell the following blatant falsehoods:

DAN RATHER -- "About the head wound....there was only one?"

DR. JAMES HUMES -- "There was only one entrance wound in the head; yes, sir."

RATHER -- "And that was where?"

DR. HUMES -- "That was posterior, about two-and-a-half centimeters to the right of the mid-line posteriorly."

RATHER -- "And the exit wound?"

DR. HUMES -- "And the exit wound was a large, irregular wound to the front and right side of the President's head."

RATHER -- "Now can you be absolutely certain that the wound you describe as the entry wound was in FACT that?"

DR. HUMES -- "Yes, indeed, we can. Very precisely and incontrovertibly. The missile traversed the skin and then traversed the bony skull; and as it passed through the skull it produced a characteristic coning or bevelling effect on the inner aspect of the skull. Which is scientific evidence that the wound was made from behind and passed forward through the President's skull."

RATHER -- "This is very important....you say there's scientific evidence. Is it conclusive scientific evidence?"

DR. HUMES -- "Yes, sir; it is."

RATHER -- "Is there any doubt that the wound at the back of the President's head was the entry wound?"

DR. HUMES -- "There is absolutely no doubt, sir."

Logical follow-up question: WHY would Dr. Humes volunteer to appear in
front of the CBS cameras and utter the above remarks if the above
remarks weren't the absolute truth as Humes saw them?

If Humes had been a rotten, deceitful liar from the get-go in November
1963 (as many CTers believe him to be), he would never have appeared
on CBS-TV in 1967 and made the above-quoted comments. Simple as that.
To believe otherwise is just dumb.


[Kennedy had] an exit wound on the right rear of his head.


And this X-ray (pictured below) proves beyond all possible doubt that
the Parkland and Bethesda witnesses who claimed that JFK had a gaping
wound in the back of his head were all 100% wrong.

The back portions of President Kennedy's head are completely intact.
There is no hole in the right-rear of the skull whatsoever. Just look:

Is the above X-ray a "fake" too? The conspiracy crowd has no choice
but to believe that it is a fake or a fraud (if they want to promote
the idea that a large hole was located at the right-rear of Kennedy's

Which, in turn, of course, means that those CTers now must travel even
further down Conspiracy Avenue and also must accuse every single
member of the HSCA's Photographic Panel of being either liars or
incompetent boobs, because that panel (which consisted of about 20 or
21 people) declared the following in 1978 with respect to the autopsy
photos and X-rays (including, of course, the X-ray pictured above, which
shows no hole present at the back of JFK's skull at all):

"The evidence indicates that the autopsy photographs and X-rays
were taken of President Kennedy at the time of his autopsy and that
they had not been altered in any manner."
-- HSCA; Vol. 7; Pg. 41

It's readily apparent how silly the position of conspiracy theorists
truly is when we start factoring in all of the various "layers" of
conspirators and after-the-fact "cover-up" agents and rotten liars
that the CTers need to have firmly (and forever) in place in order for
any of their theories to work out properly.

Per CTers, the Warren Commission was filled with nothing but rotten
liars and cover-up agents....and evidently so was the HSCA for the
most part (since they came to the same identical "OSWALD WAS THE ONLY
GUNMAN WHO HIT ANY VICTIMS" conclusion that the WC came to).

In addition, according to many conspiracists, the DPD, the USSS, the
FBI, the CIA, LBJ, and the autopsists were also "in" on either a plot
to kill Kennedy or a plot to cover up the truth afterward. Plus God
knows how many other fringe participants that the CTers think were
also involved in the massive decades-long and still-continuing cover-
up and/or plot to kill JFK.

See how stupid all of this "JFK Conspiracy" stuff sounds when you say
it out loud (or write it out in longhand)?

It's just laughable (at best).


When you line up those [make-believe] shots, they HAD to have come from inside the car.


Only three letters required here (so that's all I'll use):



It even seems possible that the driver shot Connally. At the very moment he was shot in the back, Connally was actually turned to the rear of the car looking at Kennedy and with his back turned to the driver.


I wonder what Mr. Connally is doing in the Z-Film clip below then (if
not showing involuntary signs of reacting to a bullet that has just
struck his body)?

Maybe the Governor just had an uncontrollable desire to jerk his soon-
to-be-injured right arm upward really quick at this exact moment in
time. Ya think?:


A shot from the driver could have entered [Connally's] back and made the wounds he experienced.


And there's a giant Martian, who is wearing a grass skirt and selling
Avon products, standing on your front porch right this very minute.
(That's just about as likely to be true as Connally being shot by
William Greer anyway.)

David Von Pein
January 2008