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>>> "David, we should also mention that the palm print was independently examined by Arthur Mandella, fingerprint expert for NYPD, and he concurred with the conclusion that it was Oswald's palmprint, so we have three separate agencies who would have had to have been coerced to pull off such a deception. So, contrary to what many CTs have claimed, the WC did not just accept what the FBI was feeding them. For key pieces of evidence, they got independent verification of the FBI findings." <<<



I definitely wanted to include Mandella in my previous Walt-bashing post, but upon looking through his Warren Commission testimony (and searching for "Exhibit 637"), I couldn't find any references of Mandella having independently examined CE637 (the palmprint lifted off of Oswald's rifle).

So I assumed via that search that perhaps Mandella had not been asked to examine that exact piece of evidence (which I did find odd).

But after seeing your post above, I searched Mandella's testimony again and realized my error. Like several pieces of evidence in this case, the palmprint was entered into evidence using two different "CE" numbers -- 637 and 658.

My previous Mandella search was based on thinking I needed to find "637" specifically. But Mandella's testimony regarding the rifle palmprint relates only to CE658, which is a photograph of CE637.

ARTHUR MANDELLA -- "Commission Exhibit 658. There was 11 points of identity on that particular palmprint."

So, you're exactly correct, John -- Arthur Mandella of the New York City Police Department definitely did examine the palmprint lifted off of the rifle by Lt. Day, with Mandella confirming the testimony of Sebastian Latona of the FBI, plus corroborating the July 1964 affidavit signed by Ronald Wittmus of the FBI concerning the print positively being the right palmprint of Lee Harvey Oswald.

So this, indeed, increases the complexity (and the absurdity) of any such CTer-believed plot by the authorities to frame Lee Oswald for Kennedy's murder.

Because now we need to add yet one more organization/agency into the mix who would have had to climb aboard the "Let's Frame Oswald" train -- the New York City Police Department (Arthur Mandella specifically).

It's looking more and more as if the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum would, indeed, have been about the only place big enough to house all of the pre- and post-11/22/63 conspirators, plotters, henchmen, and cover-up operatives who many conspiracy theorists think were attempting to frame an innocent schnook named Oswald for two murders in Dallas in November 1963.

Thank you very much, John Corbett [aka "Bigdog"], for your last post concerning Mr. Mandella. It prompted me to take a harder look at his testimony with respect to the rifle's palmprint, and it allows me (and you) to hammer just one additional nail into Walt's "Everyone Was Out To Get Oswald" coffin.

Much obliged.

David Von Pein
January 2008