(PART 123)


Creating The Illusion That Oswald Purchased A Rifle From Klein's. .... They ALLEGEDLY spoke with William Waldman of Klein's Sporting Goods. .... Waldman...ALLEGEDLY told the [FBI] agents that Klein's records showed that a money order in the amount of $21.45 was deposited to the Klein's account at the First National Bank of Chicago.


Oh brother.

"ALLEGEDLY" my ass.

The handwriting on EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT CONNECTED TO THE PURCHASE OF RIFLE C2766 BEING IN LEE OSWALD'S OWN HANDWRITING doesn't seem to mean a damn thing to conspiracy kooks.

The magazine order form coupon -- In LHO's writing.
The envelope the coupon was mailed in -- In LHO's writing.
The Money Order for $21.45 -- In LHO's writing.

The conspiracy theorists want to sidestep the multiple pieces of "IT WAS OSWALD'S HANDWRITING" evidence that prove beyond all doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald (via an obvious alias -- A.J. Hidell) ordered and paid for the JFK murder weapon, with the kooks, instead, harping on the to-the-minute timelines of when the documents IN OSWALD'S HANDWRITING were found.

So, the next step for the kooks to take will have to be (and has been on occasion) to accuse the authorities of forging/faking Oswald's handwriting on every single document connected with the purchase of the rifle (plus the revolver from Seaport-Traders too, I would imagine).

In other words, this Internet post really doesn't go anywhere unless the conspiracy theorist can prove that the documents in question were not really in the handwriting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Those crooked bastards framing Mr. Oswald sure did a nice job of faking LHO's handwriting, didn't they? They fooled every handwriting expert. Or were those experts "in" on the massive "Let's Get Ozzie" plot too? Prob'ly so, huh?

What's next on the Nothing Is What It Seems To Be menu for the conspiracy kooks? Maybe Jack Ruby really didn't kill Oswald at all? Maybe Ruby was being impersonated by Danny Aiello. Perhaps even Ruby was framed for murder in November 1963, huh? (After all, nothing is ever what it seems to be in Dallas.)

David Von Pein
January 2008