(PART 121)


>>> "DVP, like so many other Warren Report apologists, I'm afraid you've been misled by imposter-CTers on the CIA payroll whose job it was to discredit real CTers and muddy the waters by creating the "LBJ did it" false lead. Another popular false lead is the "Mafia did it." If your impression of CTers in general stems from a passing acquaintance with works of these imposter-CTers (seeing them picked apart by grandfatherly authorities on network TV specials, for instance), you are correct to question their investigations and CTers in general. However, a close examination of the facts at the hands of real CTers like Mark Lane...." <<<


I'll stop you right here with the words "Real CTers like Mark Lane" -- i.e., the same Mark Lane who shamelessly and disgracefully tried to shove a particular word down the throat of Tippit murder witness Helen Markham.

And this is also the same Mark Lane who refused (at first) to hand over to the Warren Commission the tape recording of his despicable phone call with Markham.

And this is also the same Mark Lane who, in the 1967 film version of his '66 book "Rush To Judgment", was trying to shove several already thoroughly debunked conspiracy ideas down the gullets of the unsuspecting and ignorant viewers of his film -- e.g., trying to get the public to swallow the idea, as late as 1967 (!), that Lee Oswald might very well have been located in the doorway of the TSBD after all (instead of Billy N. Lovelady)....and Lane's pathetic attempts to take Oswald off of Cecil McWatters' bus by telling his movie audience only the piecemeal information about the "bus" incident that Lane wanted his viewers to hear.

Lane totally ignored Mary Bledsoe's positive IDing of Oswald on the bus, with Lane choosing, instead, to prop up the Oswald/Milton Jones mix-up and the fact that driver McWatters wasn't positive about his LHO identification later on.

And regarding "Doorway Man": Lane decided that Lovelady's very own Warren Commission testimony, wherein Lovelady drew an arrow to himself in the famous Altgens photo [Commission Exhibit 369], wasn't good enough to determine who Doorway Man really was/is.

This, then, is the type of "Real CTer" that Mr. Randall Sellers (and many other conspiracists like him) enjoy utilizing in order to try and prop up their imagined conspiracy plots surrounding the death of the 35th U.S. Chief Executive.

I, however, prefer to call a spade a spade....and Mark Lane, it seems to me, is pretty much the very same kind of conspiracy theorist as Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs, David Lifton, Robert Groden, John Armstrong, and Jim Fetzer (among many other conspiracy authors), i.e., a person who desperately WANTS a conspiracy to exist in the JFK case....and wants it so badly he's willing to do things like this to help in meeting that goal (see the links below):




>>> "Try reading 'Plausible Denial' cover-to-cover (read it again if necessary); then get back to me and we can have a real discussion." <<<

Yeah, then we can have a real discussion based on the discoveries of a "real CTer" with a conspiracy agenda a mile wide, who believes that the evil CIA was involved in killing their own President.

I'd suggest, instead, that you take a look at the 12 pages of the Mark Lane chapter in Vincent Bugliosi's 2007 JFK book (it's the 18th chapter within the new JFK Bible, "Reclaiming History").

Yes, it's only a twelve-page chapter on Lane, but Bugliosi nicely and succinctly reveals Mr. Lane for what he is....such as these three sample excerpts:

"Assistant Warren Commission counsel Wesley J. Liebeler says that..."if [Mark Lane] talks for five minutes, it takes an hour to straighten out the record"." -- Page 1001 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

"It is nothing short of incredible that Lane, who finds room in his book ["Rush To Judgment"] for 353 people who he claimed were connected in some way to the Kennedy case, couldn't find room for a single paragraph on people like [Robert] Jackson, [Johnny] Brewer, and [M.N.] McDonald." -- Page 1003 of "RH"

"The transcript of the tape [a taped telephone call between Mark Lane and Helen Markham on March 2, 1964], revealing Lane's gross and tawdry effort to put words into the mouth of Mrs. Markham, shows why Lane desperately sought to prevent the Commission from hearing it. .... The tape had revealed [Lane's] blatant attempt to improperly influence, almost FORCE [Markham] to say what he wanted her to say." -- Pages 1008-1009 of "RH"

David Von Pein
January 2008