(PART 1056)


Have some new lies come to light since [Oliver Stone's] last JFK movie?


Oh, sure. Think Doug Horne.

A lot of Horne's tripe is recycled from David Lifton's horse hockey, of course, but Horne adds his own imprint of insanity and expands upon Lifton's excrement -- e.g., suggesting that Dr. Humes himself altered JFK's body at Bethesda before the autopsy.

Can anyone think of even ONE other person on the planet who believes (or could even BEGIN to believe) that Dr. James Humes engaged in such a monstrous act of conspiracy on the night of JFK's death?

I have yet to hear ONE single conspiracy theorist (other than Doug Horne) come out and specifically say: "I think Dr. Humes altered Kennedy's body".

Not even the conspiracy theorists who have given Horne's book high praise in a general, overall "attaboy" manner (such as Vince Palamara, who actually had the nads to suggest that Horne should receive a Pulitzer Prize for his work of outlandish fiction on the JFK case) have come out and specifically said they THEMSELVES believe that Dr. Humes fiddled around with JFK's wounds prior to the autopsy.

I think it's probably a case of the common syndrome that we often see amongst CTers, which could be classified in this general fashion -- "I'LL PRAISE ANY BOOK AND ANY THEORY AS LONG AS IT PROMOTES A JFK CONSPIRACY AND BASHES THE WARREN COMMISSION".

But what I would like to hear from some OTHER conspiracy theorists (other than Doug Horne) is their specific belief that Horne is 100% correct about Dr. Humes performing pre-autopsy surgery on the head of John F. Kennedy at Bethesda Naval Hospital on 11/22/63.

In fact, I'd like to challenge ANY fan of Douglas P. Horne's five volumes to put it in WRITING, in plain and simple English, their belief that Jim Humes altered President Kennedy's wounds.

Is there any conspiracist who is willing to actually endorse Doug Horne's SPECIFIC THEORY ABOUT DR. JAMES J. HUMES?

If there is such a CTer on the planet, I'd enjoy having his or her identity revealed. It might prove quite illuminating.

David Von Pein
April 1, 2010