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With all the false stuff in the movie [Oliver Stone's "JFK"], I was surprised to learn that:

...Ruby really did interrupt the press conference with the correction "that was the Fair Play for Cuba committee", which totally seems like a fabrication to imply Ruby knew Oswald, but he really did do that.

...Oswald really did deny it was him in the backyard photos and claimed they were altered photos. ....

I thought for sure those two things didn't happen, but they did (still reading the Bugliosi book).


I can easily see how somehow could think that those two things you mentioned were fabricated by Oliver Stone in his movie.

And I hope you also realize that the notion of "faked" backyard photos (which is a claim made by conspiracy theorists that is partly based on what the accused murderer HIMSELF claimed while he was in custody) is a notion that falls completely to pieces when based on COMMON SENSE alone (not to mention the fact that the HSCA's photo panel said the pictures were genuine, plus the fact the Warren Commission had already conclusively linked one of the photos to Oswald's very own camera via the photographic negative to the picture, plus the fact that Marina Oswald has always steadfastly maintained that she took pictures of LHO in the Neely Street backyard in the spring of 1963).

The "common sense" portion of the equation comes into play when a reasonable person asks himself this question:

Why on Earth would ANYONE want to fake MULTIPLE PICTURES SHOWING THE EXACT SAME THING (i.e., showing Oswald with guns in his Neely Street backyard)?

The idea that a group of patsy-framers would WANT to fake more than just ONE such backyard photo is just too ludicrous to consider for more than three seconds. Because the MORE "fake" stuff that the plotters manufacture, the greater the chances are of those fakes being exposed.

RE: Jack Ruby correcting Henry Wade about the "FPCC":

Some conspiracy theorists have asked the question: If Jack Ruby was not personally acquainted with Lee Harvey Oswald, then how did Ruby know what the name of Oswald's pro-Cuba organization was at the time of Wade's press conference on Friday night?

The answer to that is simple (although the CTers want to ignore this fact too):

By the time of that midnight press gathering, the name "Fair Play For Cuba Committee" had been announced on TV and radio numerous times. To give just one example, the name of the organization was first uttered by Frank McGee of NBC-TV at approximately 4:00 PM on Friday [see the video below], which was about eight hours prior to Ruby correcting Wade at the press conference.

So the fact that Ruby knew the exact name of Oswald's pro-Cuba outfit is not too surprising at all.

David Von Pein
March 10, 2010