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I do not believe that projectile exited. I believe that projectile went in to a depth of 2" and no more, per the initial findings.


Well, Mike, you've just complicated things even more, and you've got another amazing "SBT"-like occurrence to explain away -- i.e., the wound in Kennedy's throat, which I can only assume you must think came from a fragment of the head shot, correct? Because you're a believer in "3 shots only", right? (You don't think Kennedy had a hole in his throat BEFORE November 22nd, do you?) :)

I've always wondered just exactly how many "SBT"-like things it takes to get people to accept the Single-Bullet Theory as valid? 4? 5? 15?

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What I have issue with is that the projectile exited "speculatively" leaving a neat round hole. This would be very uncharacteristic, even had it not struck bone.


It's not uncharacteristic at all, as Dr. Perry said...right here:

ARLEN SPECTER - Based on your observations of the neck wound alone, do
you have a sufficient basis to form an opinion as to whether it was an
entrance wound or an exit wound.

DR. MALCOLM O. PERRY - No, sir. I was unable to determine that since I
did not ascertain the exact trajectory of the missile. The operative
procedure which I performed was restricted to securing an adequate
airway and insuring there was no injury to the carotid artery or
jugular vein at that level and at that point I made the procedure.

Mr. SPECTER - Based on the appearance of the neck wound alone, could
it have been either an entrance or an exit wound?

Dr. PERRY - It could have been either.


There are several ballistic inconsistencies in the SBT.


No, there aren't. There are absolutely zero inconsistencies (at all) with the SBT. The ballistics work just fine and the trajectory works just fine (as Bob Frazier said in his Warren Commission testimony; and he was the man who was looking through Oswald's rifle scope on 5/24/64 when the WC did its re-creation of the shooting).*

* Now, yes, Frazier testified that JFK and John Connally were in direct alignment at frames 207 and 210, which is not when the SBT shot was actually fired. The SBT occurred at precisely Z224, as I essentially prove via an analysis of the Zapruder Film at my SBT blog HERE.

But in those 14 frames between Z210 and Z224, there is no way that the President and Governor Connally were suddenly thrown severely out of alignment with each other, and I think animator Dale Myers has essentially proven that fact in his detailed computer reconstruction [as seen below]:

The question of "alignment" was also proven in another way (other than Bob Frazier's physical "through the rifle scope" observations on 5/24/64) -- and that other way can be seen in Commission Exhibit No. 903 (which is an often-overlooked or ignored Warren Commission exhibit). The alignment of the single bullet through both limo victims fits to a tee, as seen in CE903 (the caption is mine):


I have a question for you Sir, as this would be right up your alley so to speak....

What do you consider the credible evidence of a miss?

I ask this because to ask some of the CT crowd I would have bullets flying like the wild west there, and you and I know that was not the case. So I ask you to give me what you see as credible evidence of a miss.


Well, to tell you the truth, I think probably the BEST evidence for Oswald's first shot having missed the whole Presidential automobile is the fact that I KNOW (in my own mind, beyond all reasonable doubt) that the following two things are true--which can only mean one thing--one of Oswald's three shots missed:

1.) Only two bullets struck President Kennedy and Governor Connally.

2.) A total of three shots were fired in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

Plus, there's a very strong piece of witness testimony which, when added to #1 and #2 above, indicates that Oswald's first shot was a complete miss...and that's the testimony of Governor Connally himself, who always maintained he was not hit by the FIRST shot. And there really can be no arguing with Connally on this key point.

Connally could not possibly have been hit by the first shot, because he HEARD that shot distinctly and had time to react and turn in his seat before he, himself, was struck in the back with a bullet.

And, as mentioned, when we couple that testimony of Connally with #1 and #2 above (which are ironclad facts, as far as I'm concerned, for a variety of reasons, which are detailed in various places at my JFK blog linked HERE), then only one conclusion about the first two shots can be reached:

The first shot missed everybody in the car and shot #2 struck both JFK and John Connally.

David Von Pein
March 24, 2010